Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Redemption Was Swift

After all of my complaining (He didn't see the previous post yet, heh heh) Bruce came in and said he was going to attach the Extend-a-Stay fixture to the RV's propane tank.  Then we'd go over to Stephanie's to shower and get their small grill tank to bring back with us.  Fantastic!  Now we won't have to drive out to get a propane refill in this sub-freezing weather.  Bruce worked outdoors in the freezing weather for quite a while getting as many things thawed out as he could.  What a trooper!

So, after his work was done we drove to the kids house.  After the showers we got Darin's BBQ grill tank, which was almost full of propane, and brought it back and connected it.  Good to go.  We'll still go out in a few days with the MH and get our tank filled, but now there is no more urgency. 

Our water pump is still frozen and already tonight (6:00) the exterior faucet is trying to freeze.  It never got above the freezing mark today even though we had brilliant sunshine.  So this evening we just cut to the chase....closed the valve and brought the water hose inside and put it the bottom of the shower for the night.  We filled 3 large jugs with water to use for flushing the toilet until tomorrow morning.   

At the moment we are sitting with our lap robes and the space heater is keeping us warm along with the lovely heat from the gas furnace.  We won't have to ration our propane use so much tonight....it is supposed to get down to 8 degrees F. 

For tonight we got some heavy beach towels and covered the water pump.  Our gas furnace will help to heat the outdoor cabinets, but again, at 8 degrees it isn't perfect.  The severe weather will last about 3 days more and then it will begin to get above freezing. 

This is always an adventure.  In January of 1994 we had driven to Washington D.C. and stayed for a week.  We really used up the propane that week!   In spite of the winter cold, we were able to enjoy free range at all of the museums and things in D.C.  There were hardly any people there at all.  Of course not.....IT WAS WINTER....and all the smart people stayed home or were living it up in Florida.  I don't know how Bruce talked me into going to D.C. in the winter, but I told him I'd never do it again.  I think maybe I should "never say never" because you can't tell what we'll do next. 

We'll see how tonight goes, but I don't think it will be much better than last night.  

Until next time.....so long for now!


Cindy said...

I read where a guy strung the large bulb Christmas lights in his belly. Nothing ever freezes. Those light do put off alot of warmth. I have used them for keeping plants from freezing under plastic.
Good Luck!!

Gypsy said...

Next to when the cherry trees are in bloom, there is nothing prettier than Washington DC under snowfall.

Karyn said...

Do you leave your taps open a little bit when it is getting that cold? It helps to prevent the lines from breaking.

Jerry and Suzy said...

We stayed one winter just outside Portland, OR recently. It was a mild winter, not too many icy roads, but a few. You can have the northwest in winter!

Thanks for sharing your view with the rest of us here in the cold southwest!

Happytrails said...

Oh my goodness....now that is cold.
You give new perspective to the term cold. Now I won't say it is cold here only cool. LOL

Last night we had wind gust of up to 40mph. We slept with the slides in and dressed ready to head for the concrete bathhouse. Wow,I wish this weather would get back to what is "normal."

You all take care and stay as warm as possible.


Rick and Paulette said...

Just another couple of weeks to go in putting up with all this cold weather and then you'll be able to head south for some hopefully warm sunshine!