Monday, December 7, 2009

Boston Harbor

In an effort to forget how miserably cold it was today, we took a little drive north of Tumwater to Boston Harbor.  Here at our RV, it only got to a high of 29 degrees F today, but at least the wind was gone.  The sun was shining brightly so we took advantage of the beautiful day.

To get to Boston Harbor, we need to drive through neighboring Olympia and head out of town north on Plum St., which soon turns into East Bay Drive, which then turns into Boston Harbor Road NE.  The streets here in this area do a lot of name changing, and it must drive visitors to our community nuts.

Traveling this way, we pass into rural areas with homes dotting the landscape along the road.  There are some commercial business buildings, but they are few.  Since we are deep into fall, all the leaves are gone from the deciduous trees and only the fir trees remain green.  The area is still beautiful. 

Soon we entered the Boston Harbor waterfront community.  We have only been driving 15 minutes to get here from our RV home. 

Bruce parked the car in the marina parking lot and I got out to take a few photographs of the area.  He stayed inside the car with Annie where it was a lot warmer.   I took a couple of photos of the boats....big and small....docked at the marina. 

Boston Harbor is on Budd Inlet, which is the southern part of the greater Puget Sound.  Across to the northwest, we can see the snow-capped peaks of the Olympic Mountain Range on the Olympic Peninsula.

There are homes in Boston Harbor of all shapes and sizes.  If you aren't on the actual shoreline, you probably still have some kind of water view as the area is very hilly and homes are built on the hillsides, also.  Oh matter the size of the home, they are all expensive here.  Nice life.  (I'd rather RV fulltime)

This home had a nice gazebo overlooking Budd Inlet and it's amazing deep blue water.

We enjoyed the beautiful scenery for a few more minutes and then turned and drove back toward Olympia.  Before going back to the RV we decided to drive to the Port of Olympia on our way down East Bay Drive.  We parked by the KGY radio station (local Olympia station) and I got a couple of great photos of this lower portion of Budd Inlet.

We stayed off the freeway this time, and drove over Tumwater Hill to get back home.  We saw that the mountain "was out,"  as they say about Mt. Rainier when you can clearly see it.  Even though my shot had to be taken through some power lines, you can still see the splendor of this mountain. 

We're hunkered down now for the night.  Sitting here with our lap robes and the space heater aimed right at us.  We are expecting the temperature to get to 10 degrees F tonight.  Fabulous!  Looks like we'll be making a propane run by Thursday afternoon or Friday morning.  This cold front will last about 5 days.  At least we do not have SNOW yet.  We'll grab any blessing we can get at this point. 

Until next long for now!


Rick and Paulette said...

Thanks for the tour of Boston Harbour, Margie! Great pictures too. Some of the best scenery around is always close to home it seems.


Brrrrr!! That 10F doesn't sound very nice. Surprised with that amount of water & those low temps that you don't have white stuff on the ground. Mount Ranier makes our little mountains look like goose bumps around here.

Chris said...

An awesome post, the photos you took are amazing. We'll be in that area next summer, hope I get to see that area.

Safe Travels,

Gypsy said...

I love the pictures of the harbor.

Sonya said...

The pictures are beautiful, Margie. Thanks for sharing. I just can't imagine 9 or 10 degrees. We live in S. Louisiana and it got down to 29 last Fri. We almost froze to death. LOL!

Jerry and Suzy said...

Yes, our local "goose bumps" don't compare to your mountains but we love 'em just the same. And yes, the mountain was definitly out! On our last trip to Rainier the mountain was out also, but had a few clouds that bounced up and down for good combination pictures as well.

Happytrails said...

Nice pictures! I especially love the one of Mt. Rainier.

With this turn in the weather here we are worrying we might have to make a propane run ourselves. Lots of trouble in a motorhome isn't it?
Oh well, its that or be cold....not a choice. LOL

Glad you all had a good trip. Stay warm!!


Karyn said...

beautiful pictures of a gorgeous area. Thanks for sharing them.

I agree....even though living with such a pretty view every day would be nice, being able to take your home with you to see a multitude of pretty views is a better choice.

McEntegart's RV Escapades said...

Enjoying your blog- but head south for heavens sake!!!! Your plumbing and fresh water system will work much better in SoCal!!!!

My wife and I and our 10 yr. old Portugese Water Dog Hank, travel the country in our 40' ALFA, bought 2 mos. before they filed bankruptcy. Had some cold weathewr experience in New Hampshire and VT last year. My solution---try to avoid the real cold stuff. It works.

Have fun and we will look for you guya out on the rv road!!!