Sunday, December 13, 2009

"IT" Has Arrived

The National Weather Service was correct this time, dang it.  The snow did, in fact, arrive this afternoon.  At first it was a few snowflakes and no accumulation. 

The trees were beginning to get decorated with the soft, white powder and the motorhome is probably asking "couldn't this have waited 14 more days?"

Bruce is walking back from the cigarette store around the corner.  The disabled woman that lives across the street from us came and asked if we could walk over and get her a pack of cigarettes?  I hate to be an enabler with somebody....but we aren't the smoking police!  So, Bruce kindly walked over and bought her a pack. 

Looks like we'll be driving down to Chehalis on Tuesday or Wednesday to get the waterpump repaired or replaced.  All the trouble shooting in the world could not show us where the problem lies.  Whatever it takes!

Until next long for now!


Rick and Paulette said...

"It" has happened here yet, but I'm not too thrilled to hear "it" is in Tumwater either!! Get rid of it by the 29th, ok? I don't think water pumps are expensive, so hopefully you won't get hit too hard by the repair.

Jerry and Suzy said...

We're "dreaming if a White Christmas," but it looks like you'll be living that part of our dream.

Peggy & David said...

We've bought a small 'trouble' light that puts out quite a bit of heat, with two settings, and we plug than in in the bay that has all the levers/pipes. We also fill our fresh water tank and do NOT use the hose during cold weather camping.

At night we open the cabinets in the kitchen and bath to make sure the pipes in there don't freeze, and we've never frozen up. We've been in Cheyenne and Casper WY when it was -5 with a wind chill of -30...nothing froze up, but it was not a lot of fun :(

Margie M. said...

Thanks for your comment, Peggy and David! I appreciate feedback. This is our 3rd experience with winter RV'n and the only one we've ever had problems. We have no electric outlet in our waterpump compartment, but could run an extension..have to leave door ajar that way...letting in more cold air. Everything has thawed now and WP still not working. Repairs tomorrow at service center.

Happytrails said...

Hang in there!!
This too shall pass.

Karyn said...

Cold weather brings all kinds of problems....especially in an RV. I hope it warms up a bit so you can enjoy your last few weeks near your family.

Be glad, however, that you aren't living here! We were the coldest place on the planet yesterday morning at -51 C. A good day to stay inside an pray your furnace continues to work.

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