Saturday, December 26, 2009

California Here We Come

We are actually already in California as of this posting.  We got to Yreka around 5:30 pm and settled in at the Yreka RV Park at exit 776 off I-5.   No snow yet, but the prediction is for snow/rain showers during the wee hours.  It is 32F at the moment and no precipitation.

We got an early wake-up call this morning from our "Annie the Schnauzer".  At 5:45 she decided enough sleep was had by all and wanted to go outside.  Bruce is the lucky choice for the early morning walk.  At our wake-up it was only 26F outdoors.  Brrrrr.  Again, no snow or rain in Tumwater. 

After showers and make-up (me, not Bruce), we got things ship shape by retracting the 2 slides and were ready to roll at 7:30.

 We just drove down to exit 72 south of Chehalis and pulled into the McDonald's for English muffins and coffee.  They have a great truck parking area.  We were on the road after that short break and the traffic was light.  A crust of frost was along the roadside, but the highway was clear.

We enjoyed an uneventful drive on the Portland bypass, I-205, and continued south when reconnected with I-5.  When we got to the Salem area I decided to check the road conditions on the cell phone.  I dialed 511 and learned that the road was clear all the way to the California border, but chains or traction tires might be recommended.  This was the recording as of the early morning, but that most likely indicated that tonight and in the early hours tomorrow morning the same would be suggested.  We decided to take no chances and pressed on past Grants Pass, OR where we had planned to stay and come here to Yreka.   We think it was a good plan as we are now over the Siskyou summit.  If we need to wait a couple of hours tomorrow morning before we leave Yreka to head toward Shasta and then Redding, we can do so.

We enjoyed our Christmas day with the family yesterday.  We ate way too much food, even though we vowed not to.  The girls enjoyed their gifts from Santa and we all watched them be opened.  To our surprise, Mackenzie's best gift was the chin up bar she got from Santa.  We didn't know Santa had planned that one.  She will use it to build upper body strength for her gymnastics.  She demonstrated the use of it for me.

Zoey had 2 "best gifts".  One was from Uncle Dennis and it was a car hauler semi-truck.  She wanted this so she could play with her cars from the Disney movie of the same name "Cars".  She was so excited to get this.

Her other best gift was the hair salon that Papa and I gave her.  She had this on her Christmas list and was happy when she opened it.  She wanted me to play beauty salon after breakfast, so I went to her room to have my hair done. 

After Zoey did my hair, Mackenzie wanted to do my nails.  Here is her work......she did her best, but was trying to hurry.  This probably won't be her career choice!

Grandmas will do most anything.  It dried quickly and I left them painted up for the rest of the day.  After Bruce and I returned to the motorhome, I got out the polish remover and performed the necessary make over of my nails.  She won't be the wiser. we're on the road for 2 months.  The first couple of days out of Tumwater during the winter are always long days of driving.  We want to put as much distance as we can between us and the cold, and possibly icy/snowy, weather as we can.  Once we get down to Corning tomorrow night, we can relax a little bit.  We'll probably have another early to bed evening tonight.  Hopefully, "Annie the Schnauzer" will sleep until 6:30 tomorrow morning.

Until next long for now!


Gypsy said...

Love your manicure! Grandmas will let their grandkids do most anything that they wouldn't have put up with from their kids!

squawmama said...

How wonderful of you Margie letting your little ones work on your beautification... LOL LOL Please travel safe in the uncertain weather... We are taking it easy today and will go to our daughters to eat on some of the yummy Christmas leftovers... Have FUN & travel safely my friends

Happy New Year Bruce & Margie

Jerry and Suzy said...

We had a "temporary" granddaughter that wanted to do Suzy's hair. The "grand" was at least 13 or 14 at the time and made a "grand" mess of it. Oh well.

That chin up device looks neat and secure, for at least Mackenzie's age and size.

K and D in the RV /Dream Big Creations said...

love the manicure! It seemed like a wonderful day. Safe travels.

Happytrails said...

Oh my how much fun was that!!! I wish I weren't so far away or I would call for an appointment. I don't have a grandchild yet but I pray one day I will...I just can't wait. Those are moments you both will treasure forever.

Glad you are staying ahead of the really bad weather. Continue to travel safely and enjoy your trip south.

Take care

NWlambear said...

Oh how pretty!...Must be fun to have a far I have two grandsons. Jonathan is 22 and Skyler is 2. Maybe one day there will a least I can hope...huh?

Bruce'n' two take good care of yourselves..and have a great time. Will be thinking about you.