Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's Dang-Skippy Cold Out There

I know that most fulltime RVer's have long since headed south.  Most seem to go to the California desert, Arizona, Rio Grande Valley in Texas or the ever popular...Florida.  We are, indeed, fulltime RV dwellers who elect to stay here in western Washington state until the day after Christmas. 

The plan is to head south on December 26th and return to our "hometown" of Tumwater at the beginning of March.  We have a small family here in the area, and we enjoy being with them during the holiday season.  Therefore, we tough out the coldness of November and December.

Beginning last night, however, I can truthfully say "It's gotten dang-skippy cold out there!"  At night when we go to bed, we set our thermostat way down to 52 degrees.  We have electric blankets and flannel sheets to keep us warm.  When the temperatures get down below the freezing mark our electric heat pump is reluctant to cooperate.  Well, refuses.  In efforts to conserve propane, we just turn the heat down low so it comes on less often during the night.  There is NO mobile propane service within 50 miles of this place, and we have checked into it.  That is unless we want to buy 100 gal. of propane.  We can attach an auxillary propane tank to the RV, but we only have 3 more weeks to be here and with this coach the attachment to the main tank is difficult to get to.  We may have to drive out once before the 26th gets here to fill up the propane tank.  We'll see.

In checking the internet weather forecast for Tumwater this morning, the report was not great for a warming trend.  In fact, the opposite is the case.

Here is the forecast for the LOW temperatures for the next few days:

Today (Tuesday)  -- 23 degrees F
Wednesday -- 27
Thursday -- 27
Friday -- 26
Saturday -- 22
Sunday -- 8  Yes, I mean 8 degrees !!
Monday -- 15

After Monday, the severe cold snap is expected to end and the low's will be back up into the 30-35 degree range.   That will be a welcome relief.  This morning as we began to wake up way too early (4:45 am)  Bruce got up to turn the heat up a little to warm the place a little.  When he came back to bed I askd him to please go back to sleep for an hour.  He said, "I can't because my eyelids have frozen open."

Well, until next long for now!


Happytrails said...

Brrrrr, now that is cold!! You all hang in there. It won't be long before its the 26th but think of all the fun and memories you will have. Hey, they might keep you warm on a cold night.

Take care and stay warm.


52F is waaaaaaay to cold!! Yikes, I would wake up froze to death at those temps. One of the best investments we made a couple of years ago was a Legacy Blue Flame heater which we had installed in Quartzite. We never use our furnace anymore because those things are propane hogs. The Blue Flame really heats up the rig fast & a small fan set on low moves that warm air to the rear of the coach if needed. I like to be warm at night & if I'm not...... I keep waking up. Not good!!

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

OH that is tuff to brave out the cold weather...but being with family for the holidays will be worth it. Hope for clear roads and warmer temps when Dec 26 rolls around!

Hootin' Anni said...

Hi....nice to meet you. I came here from Donna's blog after I left her a comment and saw your comment above mine.

Ha....I have to laugh about how cold it is there. Y'know what? I'm nearly as far south in Texas as you can get, and we had a nasty cold front move down here fact we have a prediction of that white stuff......y'know?.......SNOW!! On Sunday. I'm not looking forward to it. LOL

Jerry and Suzy said...

Golly, two months in the south? You don't have time to see anything of our beauty and old west excitement! Come on down and stay awhile - we'll give you a tour!

Rick and Paulette said...

It seems like its cold everywhere right now - not just here. We'll be right behind you on the way south as our target date is now Dec. 29th.

squawmama said...

Margie I have to ask... We have never been where the temps went down to freezing in Tassie and I was wondering how do you keep your water hose from freezing up? Could you email me at and tell me how to do it... We keep unhooking the water line at night and that is a pain in the hiney... We are usually back in home in the Tampabay area this time of the year but we'll be in the colder weather for most of this year... Thanks my friend!

Travel Safe

CarrieBearie said...

Hi there you two! I was looking for some info. and happened across your website. My husband and I (and our two dogs and two cats) have upgraded to a 2009 40' Winnebago Tour (from our older 32' Brave), rented our house, and plan to start doing the full-time thing in Jan.! So while we've done a few RV trips (we did three successively longer trips last year in our Brave), we're still newbies to full-timing. One of the things I'm trying to figure out is what size sheets to plan on. Apparently our new bed is a king-size, and yet the on-line info. indicates that it is neither a regular king nor a Cal. king in dimensions! It is shorter in one dimension no matter how you cut it! What do you use? I think your bed may be the same size (72"x80"?). Also, for your cold climes, I might recommend getting some fleece sheets! You can get them at some stores, like JCPenney's or order them on-line (I got some recently for gifts from Costco). You will NOT be cold if you use these!!! They are incredibly soft and warm!! Anyways, just wanted to say Hi! Who knows, we may need to keep in touch - since we're now kindred Tour spirits! :) And if you want to see the blog I just started recently (basically to do the same thing you are, documenting and connecting), go here: Maybe you can even be the first to leave a comment...?! I can't seem to get any of my friends to be brave enough yet! And who knows? Maybe see you on the road someday?!

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