Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Men....Please Don't Get Me Started!

Everything froze up last night.  There was no way to beat the 6 degrees F for a low.  Faucet outdoors froze.  Water pump froze.  Hose froze even with insulation.  We kept the propane furnace going most of the night, so at least we were all warm inside the covers (including Annie).  We'll make that propane run today.  And probably again in a week.

Still sitting here in my jammies at the computer.  Can't shower yet...no water.  We could take our things over to our daughter's house (1 mile away) but stubborn Bruce is determined to get everything un-froze.  Men....please, don't get me started.

I want to attach the Extend-a-Stay for propane tank.....HE wants to go out for propane.  Jacks will probably be reluctant to cooperate (that's my opinion)  HE doesn't think so.

It is supposed to get "balmy" this afternoon at 31 degrees.  We'll see.  This was supposed to have been our worst night of this cold trend, but tonight will still be in the teens for a low. 

Stay tuned....film at 11.

Until next time.....so long for now!


Phyllis said...

Thank you for the mid afternoon chuckle. MEN!

A few years ago we went on an RV weekend in late November. I asked Len several times - "do we have enough propane". Of course without checking his answer was in the affirmative. So, 20 minutes after the campground store closes on Friday night and it is about 35 outside, we are out of propane. We rode around the small town looking for propane with no success.

Two of our camping neighbors lent us electric heaters to get us through the night until we could get propane in the morning. As you said MEN!


Hey Margie....I'm on your side!! I know what men can be like because I am one:(( AL.

Chris said...

Good Grief, come to Fl. it's 75 right now. :)


Paul and Mary said...

Somehow, reading your post feels a bit like looking into a crystal ball! Our forecast calls for a low of sixish tomorrow night. Good luck!!!!!!

Gypsy said...

I sure hope you get that propane fast! From now on just check the tanks yourself and you can't go wrong.

sue and doug said...

if you want something done right?.well you know the drill!!..hope you are warm tonight..thanks for the laugh..it is another chilly night here in Vancouver..

Karyn said...

Oh....frozen water lines are no fun! Having lived in an RV myself - in the cold, northern Alberta winters, I KNOW of what you speak. Including the part about men - everything is a battle needing to be won.

What would we do without them?