Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Indian Waters RV Resort

Today we only had about a 70 mile drive to our park in Indio.  Since we had such a short drive, we stopped at the Super WalMart in Palm Desert to buy some groceries.  Then, it was on to the park we'd reserved for one night.

We had chosen Indian Waters on Jackson Street in Indio, CA.  It is a Western Horizon membership park that also accepts AOR, ROD, Coast to Coast and RPI affiliates.  We reserved it about 90 days ago through our Resorts of Distinction (ROD) program as the cost is FREE.  We like free. 

Since this is prime "snow birdy" season, the primo spots go to the Western Horizon members.  Premium sites have grassy lawns, full patios, and full hook-ups.  This is one row of the Premium sites.

Us folks that come with a membership affiliate program get the "cheap seats," although they aren't bad either.  We have a very level concrete pad for the RV which is long enough for the car to park behind the motorhome.  There are nice gravel separations between each site.  Bad thing here is that you only have Water and Electric with 30 amp.  Since it is only for one night, we were OK with that.  However, I would not spend 2 weeks here without full hook-ups.  Here is our Tour in site #271.

They have very nice facilities here and well landscaped grounds.  No matter which program you use to make your reservations, everyone is invited to take advantage of all the programs and facilities within the park. 

They have a beautiful stream running through the back area of the park.  There is a beautiful swimming pool, shuffleboard courts, and horseshoe pits as well.  They have a social hall for seminars and bingo games and there is also a Dining Room which serves meals for purchase on Saturdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  As typical of snow bird parks, they had a list of activities and programs as long as my arm.  You should always be able to find something to do around here.

We will be on our way to Winterhaven tomorrow morning.  We are staying for 5 nights there.  Indian Waters is a very nice park, but since we cannot have full hook-ups in this prime season, we most likely won't come back to stay.  If we come back to the greater Palm Springs area, there are 2 other member parks we can choose from that do allow full hook-ups.  We just thought we'd check this one out on our continuing journey south.  Since we purchased our campground membership program back in 2001, we figure we might as well make it work for us now that we are fulltime RVer's.  We strive to stay at as many of the parks within our various systems as we can. 

Life is good.  The weather is fine.  We are happy (and that includes Annie).

Until next time.....so long for now!


sue and doug said...

nice to be in the sun??..motorhome looks good in the sunshine!!!..safe travels to you and Bruce and Annie!!

Rick and Paulette said...

Looks like a real nice park, Margie - even the cheap seats! We arrived in Centralia this afternoon as it began to snow! It's supposed to turn to rain tonight, I sure hope so. Looks like you left here at the perfect time!

Anonymous said...

That looks like a beautiful park. we are ROD members, so thanks for the info.

Happy New Years,

Jerry and Suzy said...

No full hookups for affiliates has been our experience now and then, including at Indian Waters. There are many other places, however, that do offer FHUs to affiliates, even though most of them do put you into the less desirable sites. But what the heck, you're there, you're moving about, you're seeing the country. Most of us don't just sit around the concrete pad all day. So you do what you are already doing -- enjoy your life!

squawmama said...

Hi Margie... Glad your travels are coming along nicely... The park looks good. We are TT & Rod members and haven't taken full advantage of them yet! Hopefully 2010 is the year we'll recoup some of our money!!! Have a super day & Happy New Year!

pawankalyan said...

ast weekend i visited to WildLife Safari with my wife there we enjoy a lot and we saw different kinds of animals and very good atmosphere and eco friendly place hope we will go n visit agani soon.......thanks for your blog