Saturday, December 5, 2009

Building A House

Today we built a house.  A gingerbread house.  We gave our daughter and son-in-law the day off to go out and do some Christmas shopping and have lunch out in a nice place without having to cut up somebody's meat or dodge spilled milk.  Besides, we wanted a day with the "Grands" to build a gingerbread house.

We got there about 10:00 this morning and we brought Annie the Schnauzer, too.  She is always invited as our daughter and her family love Annie very much.  Who doesn't? We quickly sent Darin and Stephanie on their way so we could get to work.

The girls were very excited and could hardly wait until we got the kit opened and set out all the supplies.

We sampled way too many of the candies (good thing I bought extras) as we went about the job of construction.

We had a great time and took a lot of photos for the girl's albums, which I am still trying to catch up on.  When the house was finished, they thought it was fabulous. 

While we waited for Mommy and Daddy to get home, we fixed lunch and then played Uno and Junior Clue.  Then it was time to take Annie for a walk around the block.  Grandma also had to do some coloring with Zoey and Mackenzie while Papa enjoyed channel surfing through the football games.  

We got home around 5:00 this evening, fixed a quick supper and enjoyed a movie on TV.  Annie is exhausted, as she always is when we return home, and is out like a light on the couch.  Like Grandma and Papa, she likes to visit the "Grands", but loves to come back to our peaceful RV home.

Until next long for now!


sue and doug said...

great job on the "house"..nice memories with your grandchildren!!

Rick and Paulette said...

The only thing that looked better than the Gingerbread House were the smiles on the faces of the "Grands"! What a great day!

Chris said...

Wow, that's a beautiful gingerbread house, it is near perfect. I know the grands had a good time too.


KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Aww that sure was a great day! Building a house AND building memories! How sweet....

Jerry and Suzy said...

A fine ginderbread house! I'll bet the Gingerbread Man would love to have a house as nice as that one. The grands had fun, and you guys probably enjoyed it even more that they did! Glad Annie's doing well.

Karon said...

The house is perfect. The smiles on the grands faces tell it all. Annie got to enjoy the day, too. Nice!!! What great memories.

Merry Christmas!!! K

squawmama said...

Hey Margie... What fun that looked like... I know the kids had a great time as well as you too... I may take that on with my granddaughters too... Have fun and I sure know what you mean about heading back to home... Travel Safe my friend!

Gypsy said...

Where do you guys get your energy! I watched my daughter-in-law help my grandson make a gingerbread house, and I was glad I didn't have to do it. I would have had everything inside out and upside down!

Karyn said...

beautiful house! Sounds like a perfect day with the kids!

Also, was likely a great day for their nice for them to be able to have a day together, knowing their girls were being will cared for.

Happytrails said...

What great fun and wonderful memories!! I can't wait until I have a grandchild to play with.

Have fun and enjoy (as I know you will)