Friday, November 13, 2009

Well.....It Was Friday the 13th

The day just didn't turn out like we'd planned...but it was Friday the 13th after all.  We woke up like we do every morning (thank God) and after brushing our teeth we began making our bed.  When we take the bedspread off at night, I put it up on the chair in the living room until morning.  This morning when I went to get the spread to put on the bed, it was wet!

It had been raining a lot the past week and especially hard last night.  Yesterday, when I was doing my house cleaning, I found a small wet spot behind the living room chair back in the corner.  I know all about condensation in RV homes and all of that as we had dealt with it all last winter.  This wet spot didn't seem to be overly large, so I chalked it up to condensation and made a mental note to watch that area closely.  But when I found the bedspread to be wet this morning....and it had been in the vicinity of that wet carpet, I knew we had a problem.  

Bruce came in and looked above the chair and found a drip of water up on the bottom rim of the slide-out.  Oh no, this was what we thought we had taken care of at the Winnebago factory last August.  Readers of this blog may remember that we spent 11 whole days in August getting both of our slide-outs removed and rebuilt due to water damage.  Winnebago offers a 90-day warranty after factory work.  So quick....grab the calendar....oh no....we were about a week past the warranty period.  

No matter, Bruce called the Winnie factory ASAP.  He explained the situation to the service manager in Iowa.  He was told that Winnebago would extend the warranty to cover damage repair "if" an authorized Winnebago service center looked at the leak, assessed it and called to report the findings.  OK..fair enough and we quickly prepared for a 25 mile drive south to Chehalis and the Uhlmann's RV Center.  

We met with Josh at Uhlmann's and he wrote up the service order and had the tech drive the RV back to check things out.  We waited.  After a while he came out to say that it appeared to only be a problem with the sealant and that it could be fixed in about 4 hours time.  He had called the factory and got permission to do it as a warranty claim.  Whew!  We were hoping for that outcome, but again, it was Friday the 13th.  

We sat around in the customer waiting area for a little over 4 hours.  Annie and Bruce watched NCIS reruns on the television and so they were happy.  

When it was time to get our wonderful RV home turned back over to us, we were ready to hit the road.   It was getting late and we wanted to get back to our RV park and get set up before total darkness arrived.  The bill for the repair work was $250.00 and I'm so happy we did not have to pay it.  Yippee!  So Friday the 13th wasn't totally unlucky for us in the end.

Until next long for now!      


Rick and Paulette said...

Isn't it great when what you think to be a major problem and a real headache turns out to be just a minor maintenance issue? Glad it worked out o.k. for you.


Always good to hear a successful & satisfied repair story:))

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Oh what a lucky Friday the 13th for you~ glad they took care of it quickly and hope it's repaired correctly. Nice that they let pets in the waiting area too.

Jerry and Suzy said...

Isn't it great when you have a good service manager? Ours at La Mesa RV in Tucson works well with us, and we usually have excellent acceptance through our Good Sam CSP, even with our "older" model. Gosh, in a couple of years, it won't be allowed in those parks that won't accept rigs over 10 years old.

Sandra said...

So it turned out to be a good Friday the 13th for you. All's well that ends well!

Happytrails said...

Just found your blog through our friends Randy and Pam. We just started full-timing in August. I have enjoyed reading and will continue catching up on your travels.
Glad you got things taken care of with your MH. What a relief!
We started our blog/journal so if you have a moment drop by a visit:
Don't ask me why has a lot to do with not understanding technology! LOL
Take care and travel safely.
Mike and Gerri Jones (happytrails)

pamme69 said...

Hello Margie. I'm Kirsten. Planning to go full-time in April 2012. Until then, I'm saving my money and working on my weight. I found your blog when looking for full-time blogs and weight loss blogs (the full-time blogs are MUCH more fun). I can't find your Any ideas? Thanks for all the wonderful stories

Margie M. said...

To Pamme69 (Kirsten)...check my RV blog now for a link to the Healthy Living Blog. I've got it on the sidebar now.