Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lake Front Property....For 36 More Days?

I've been remiss in thanking my newest "follower"....Susan Bidniak.  I'm sorry to have been so forgetful.  So, THANK YOU Susan for joining the ranks of followers of this blog.  I appreciate it very much !

I counted up the days on the calendar this morning until D-Day.  That is....our departure day for our winter trip.  We have 36 more days after today until we will be heading south for, hopefully, drier and warmer weather.

One of our destination points on this journey will be the greater Yuma, AZ area.  Winterhaven, California to be exact, which is just across the AZ border and into California.  We'll be at the Pilot Knob RV Park for about 5 days.  In the meantime, we will "enjoy" our lake front property here in Tumwater, Washington.  When we get copious amounts of rain in a relative short period of time, this mobile/RV park has 2 flooded areas where the road dips down.  It will all drain away, but not until it stops raining so hard.   


If you haven't paid attention to nation-wide weather reports, we here in the Pacific Northwest have been receiving lots and lots of rain.   I repeat....lots and lots of rain.  Not that I'm really complaining as it sure beats snow.  Last winter we stayed here in Tumwater and....wouldn't you know it....we had record breaking amounts of snow for our area.  So, the rain is tolerable.  Except by Annie the Schnauzer. 

Even though Annie was born and raised here in the northwest, she is not a fan of the rain.  She is reluctant to go outdoors for those necessary potty walks.  Sometimes it seems more like she's going for a drag and not a walk.   So, Annie is hoping for a break in the weather....and soon.  Unfortunately, she is going to be disappointed as 2 more storm systems are waiting off the coast to blow in over the next few days. 

It may be time to get the row boat out and be prepared.

Until next long for now!


Rick and Paulette said...

We've got 43 days to go - maybe a bit less depending on when all the kids go home after xmas! When they're gone - we're gone too! We've been getting lots of rain here on Vancouver Island too, but that's good because its been the driest year on record. If it does happen to snow this year, I just hope it wait until January!

K and D in an RV said...

Poor Annie! Our Schnauzer cross, Gatorgirl, also does not like the rain - because then she has to walk in puddles! Oh No!


Looks like a set of doggy water wings may be in order for Annie. No rain here in Arizona but we've been below freezing for about 4 nights in a row now:(( We'll probably be in the Yuma area around mid January & then on to Borrego Springs California.

Jerry and Suzy said...

We have enjoyed Pilot Knob a few times. Better, in our opinion, than staying in Yuma. Probably no puddles for Annie to have to gingerly tiptoe through!

sue and doug said...

thanks for mentioning me..its okay that you forgot? big deal..only 36 more days of rain??..we live on the coast of British Columbia and we have a great number of days with torrential downpours..tonight was thunder and lightning to go along with it..we need an ARK!!..keep writing and I will keep reading!!my blog is
and there is also a trip journal
read along if you have the time!!..stay out of the puddles..soon you will be in the sunshine!!!

sue and doug said...

hi Margie..thanks for mentioning me in your blog today!!..nice to be acknowledged that your followers are out there in cyberspace..great job on the blog..we are enjoying riding along with you and Bruce and Annie..try and stay dry..its pretty wet here in Vancouver, B.C. also..we are going to have to build an ark soon!!..but soon you will be in the sunshine!!!

sue and doug said...

hi margie..i dont know if i have done something wrong to get my comment posted but now i see it says you dont allow anonymous please disregard if you got more than one from me??.thanks
sue bidniak

Margie M. said...

To Sue: Thanks for your comments...and for being persistent in getting them on the blog comment section. I'll change my settings to allow annonymous comments...I didn't realize I had that on there. Glad you enjoy this simple blog.