Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Follower and A Question for Today

Hello, and welcome to my latest "Follower".....littlesis9.  With littlesis9 joining the group, that brings my total up to 24.  I can't tell you enough how thrilling that is, and I thank you all again.

Recently Cindy asked me the question on how I had added the Categories side bar on my blog.  Truthfully, I couldn't remember for a minute there.  I went and got out my book, Google Blogger for Dummies and refreshed my memory.  Then I went to my second blog, My Healthy Living, and followed the directions to add a list in that sidebar.

Before you add your sidebar with post labels....you must label your posts.  You can do this by going to your post editor.  Click on the individual posts on your blog and then you can edit each one.  At the bottom right of the editor you can see the word Labels, followed by a white box.  You can choose your label titles there and type them in the box.  After you've done a few, you can click "show all" (to the right of white box) and it will show you all of the labels you used.  Now you can just click on the appropriate word and it will appear in the white box.  I always click "Save" again before I click "Publish Post".  It has worked for me, hope it works or you.  Now for the sidebar feature, read below.

These are the steps, now, to add the Gadget:

Went to my Dashboard and clicked on "Layout".

Clicked on "Add a Gadget".

The window opened, and I scrolled down to find the "Labels" gadget and I clicked on the plus sign to the right.

A box opened that read "Configure Labels".  In that window is a box that reads "Title".  Here you can type in whatever you want the title of your sidebar to be...labels, categories or whatever.  I chose "Categories" for both of my blogs. 

Then select how you want your label to appear by checking the radio buttons (I think that's what they're called) under SHOW, SORTING, and DISPLAY.

Then click Save and wait until it says to "view blog".

I am very much a dummie when it comes to this blog thing, but have managed to create some of the most simple gadgets.  I hope this little written demo will help.

Until next time.....so long for now!


squawmama said...

Great directions Margie.... Congrats on your new follower too! Have a super day my friend... Travel Safely!


Jerry and Suzy said...

Always enjoy your blog, and we like to watch for new gizmos and gadgets. Once in a while we'll add one we like. Otherwise, it's good to know they are there and how they work, even if we don't add them oursleves