Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's Fall and the Temperature is Falling

September this year was much warmer than usual, so I was hoping that Old Man Winter would not make an appearance until December.  I guess nobody told him.  The past week has seen low temperatures down as far as 34 degrees F.   Truthfully, that is fairly typical for this part of western Washington at this time of year.....but an RVer can hope can't she?

Our electric heat pump isn't sure what to do about this.  Sometimes it kicks in and sometimes it resists and the gas furnace comes on.  These heat pumps don't work once the temperatures get below freezing.  It is sort of in a transitional phase right now.  We have our little space heater that we keep handy for when the daytime high's aren't above freezing.  We save propane when that time comes by using the space heater most of the days.

When we take our morning walk around 6:30 am, it is downright chilly out there.  I've had to dig out the funny looking winter hat with attached scarf I bought at the Burlington Coat Factory a couple of years ago.  It does look horrible, but it keeps me warm. 

Even Annie has to wear her coat when she goes out for her morning walks.  She isn't thrilled at all when she sees that little red coat being taken out of the cupboard.  She does look good in red, her "signature color".  She can be a real style setter. 

I guess we may as well get used to this, winter isn't even here yet, and it will only get worse.  Only 52 more days and we can head south for warmer weather.  But who's counting?

Until next long for now!


Rick and Paulette said...

We're not quite as cold here on Vancouver Island as you are there right now, but I did a count and we have 57 days to go before we head south! Can't wait!

Jerry and Suzy said...

You and Annie are quite the fashion plates!

NWlambear said...

I like your "getup"....I just might have to get one of those furry hats myself!!! Annie looks cute too.

Paul and Mary said...

Margie and Bruce -

We're enjoying your travels!
Now we have a question for you.
We're negotiating on a Tour 40TD and would love to hear about your experience with one.

Would you please email us at

Thanks so much,
Mary and Paul

Margie M. said...

Paul and Mary....I did e-mail you with some of our thoughts on our RV. Hope you have received it by now!