Sunday, November 8, 2009

Meet Dorothy

Yesterday I spent about an hour visiting with my friend, Dorothy.  I really became good friends with Dorothy after my Dad passed away in 2007.  We lived in the same 55+ park as Dorothy and although I'd shared a "Hello" with her from time to time, I never got to know her very well back then. 

My Dad used to visit with her every day when he'd take Annie the Schnauzer for walks.  He'd visit with a lot of the folks living there at Eagle's Landing but Dorothy seemed special.  So after Dad passed away, I took on the task of walking Annie and making the rounds of all Dad's old friends.  Like with Dad, Dorothy became one of the more special people to visit with.  Since we've become fulltimers and sold our home in Eagle's Landing, I don't see Dorothy on a daily basis anymore.  She has a little e-mail machine, though, and when we are on the road traveling we keep in touch with frequent e-mail messages.  When we return to Tumwater to visit family, I see Dorothy several times as well.

Yesterday I found Dorothy baking Lemon Bars for some company she was expecting later that evening.  Dorothy is a very good cook and baker.  She will be 94 years old on her next birthday and her only complaint seems to be some arthritis.  Not bad!

Dorothy saves the monthly newsletters from the park for me so that I can catch up with what all the "old folks" are doing.  That is nice of her.  We always enjoy great conversation.  Sometimes she tells me the same story she told me on the previous visit, but who cares?  I don't let on that I've heard it before and she enjoys the telling of the event so much. 

I gain as much, if not more, in blessings from my visits with Dorothy as she seems to gain from them.  It is a mutually beneficial thing.  Annie the Schnauzer gets to go along for the visits, too, and enjoys a treat or two.

I'll be seeing Dorothy a few more times before we leave Tumwater in late December.  I look forward to it and I know Annie does.

Until next long for now!  


squawmama said...

Hey Margie... Dorothy sounds like such a wonderful and vibrant lady... I know you both have gotten a lot out of your friendship... It is a wonderful thing to have a good friend like her in your life. Have a fabulous day!

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Phyllis said...

I love this story. Thanks for sharing.