Monday, November 23, 2009

Travel Guide Book Information

Welcome to my latest "follower"..."Rocks off with Debbie".  I appreciate you checking in from time to time on my blog.  I hope you enjoy the adventures of our RV fulltime lifestyle.  We think it is the best life possible for us right now!

Yesterday Sue and Doug posted a comment regarding my previous post, "We Are Always Traveling".  They wanted to know where to purchase a couple of the books I'd mentioned.  I'm sorry that I didn't include that information in the original post.  Sometimes when I'm brain is going 90 mph on a dead end road!  I'm going to give some of the information I have at my disposal regarding the purchase of a couple of those books.

The Next Exit we purchased at Camping World.  You can also buy that through the online store, The RV Bookstore

The RVer's Friend can be purchased also through The RV Bookstore online (see above).  We first purchased this many years ago as "The Trucker's Friend".  Later they offered the edition specifically for RVer's and we have had at least 3 editions of that. 

Also at The RV Bookstore, we have purchased ---
(some also available at Camping World)

Camping With the Corps of Engineers
Guide to Casino Camping
National Park Service Camping Guide

Over the years we have bought a wide variety of directories and guide books at Camping World (as mentioned above), but The RV Bookstore is the best source for all books regarding the RV lifestyle.  They seem to have the most selections available.  I purchased my Moon Travel Guides at Borders Bookstore, but The RV Bookstore has several of those also. 

I didn't mention this in my previous post, but if you travel in the off-season you may want to take a look at "The Guide to Free Campgrounds".  They have 2 for the western states and one for the eastern states.  These are of particular use for folks that travel with medium to small rigs (although some places can accomodate bigger rigs).  In 1997 we left Tumwater on April 3rd and were heading east.  We used "The Guide to Free Campgrounds" every day and we spent ZERO dollars on camp fees all the way to eastern New York state.  That did not include any stops at a WalMart either.  These were bona fide campgrounds or parks for RVer's.  At that time we were driving a 30-foot Southwind Storm and it fit pretty much anywhere we wanted to take it. 

We usually buy our guide books every other year.  2010 is our year to replace our old editions and we'll be buying those soon.  Even at the large chain bookstores you can find some great books oriented towards the RV traveler.  I have also purchased a couple of regional travel guides (Washington in this case) at our local Costco store.  (I just have to stay away from those food sample tables)

If anyone has another question or comment regarding this material...please don't hesitate to say.

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sue and doug said...

thanks for the information time we are in camping world we will have a look for the books and I will look on-line also..

Rick and Paulette said...

Thanks for the tip on the RV Bookstore! I checked it out and found they even have a lot of eBooks that I can just load on my Sony eBook reader - that's great!!

NWlambear said...

The RV Bookstore that Marge GREAT! I do better there than at Camping World....

NWlambear said... is a great source of information..included the RV Bookstore (is connected to the link)

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Randy and Pam Warner said...

I love your post! What a great way to describe your thankfulness. Great job.