Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Love Small Spaces on Cleaning Day

It's only been 15 1/2 months since we've gone "full time" and I don't regret that decision at all....especially on house cleaning days.  I love our small space of approximately 350 to 375 square feet.  It is wonderful!  In the old sticks-n-bricks it took me half the day to clean the house well.  Now I can get it squeaky clean it about an hour and a half.  I put Bruce to work in a couple of areas, also.  No room for slackers around here!

In fact, here is Bruce getting that kitchen counter scrubbed thoroughly.  He better if he knows what is good for him....the commandant will be by, after taking photos, to make the inspection. 

Ahhhh.....his work passed inspection and the kitchen is gleaming.

I always clean the bathroom.  I am particular about getting it cleaned the way I prefer.  I'm really satisfied with only having 1 bathroom now, too.  I know some RV's have 2 bathrooms, and many RVer's prefer 2, but I'm glad we only have 1 to clean.

I also do the vacuuming.  Bruce gets the job of washing the vinyl flooring.  (lucky him)

Here is the "dining room" all dusted and cleaned.  We always keep our table leaves extended when we are parked.  That way I have full use of the whole table for my scrapbooking projects.  It also helps when the "Grands" come over and there is room for all 4 of us.

The "living room" is all neat and tidy.  That is until Annie the Schnauzer gets on the couch and pushes the pillows around.  By Bruce's chair we have a small desk/table where we can keep the computer and the printer.  IKEA special for $20.00.

Sometimes, if we're going to use the computer for most of the day, we'll hook it up at the dining table where we have more space.  Bruce is hard at work doing his on-line banking.  

RV living does involve some sacrifice in space, but we are just fine.  Close quarters are fine and dandy with us.  I know lots of RVer's that have what they consider the best of both RV and a sticks-n-bricks home.  That is good, if that is what they want.  There are many ways to enjoy living in an RV and traveling....part time or full time.  Take your pick!

Until next long for now! 



Even though I was brought up in a large brick house I still prefer the cozyness of smaller spaces. With 3 dogs & 2 adults in a 33 motorhome it does get a little crowded sometimes though.

Margie said...

I couldn't agree more with you - I really enjoy the smaller space and less cleaning. Going from 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms to 1/1 is so much easier.

Jerry and Suzy said...

House cleaning? What's that? We open the doors and windows during a windstorm, and all the clutter and dirt get blown away! SOmetime the bills get blown away too, and then we donm't have to pay 'em.

Don't I wish!

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Whooosh after all that cleaning, I am pooped out! LOL

But I know what you mean about cleaning the smaller spaces. It seems to go so fast and easy. Our motorhome is 38ft and I can be done in no time. I like putting stuff away as we use it, so nothing is out cluttering up in the way. Then when it's time to roll, a lot less effort is needed to get *Road Worthy*.