Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thank You....Twice

Rick to the rescue....and a great big THANK YOU for helping me attach a sitemeter to both of my blogs.  Rick is a master when it comes to computer technology, and has been known to assist other bloggers quite a few times.  I really appreciate my neighbor to the north (British Columbia) for guiding me through the process for the added gadget.  I think I'll leave well enough alone for a while.  My blog will just be as it is for the time being.  I am busy with other projects, and I've torn my hair out enough lately.  I have to let it grow in some more before I allow blogging to frustrate me again.


Another great big THANK YOU to my latest "Follower", Karen in the Woods & Steveio.  I hope you stick around for a while with my blog....we'll be on the move traveling again beginning December 26th.

Until next long for now!


Rick and Paulette said...

Thanks for the mention, Margie. I see you have the Sitemeter running so you did a good job of figuring that out and getting it installed. Congratulations!

Jerry and Suzy said...

We'll probably not add a sitemeter -- we might be discouraged by small numbers, or so flattered by higher numbers that we'd have head bloat, and we don't want either extreme. We'll just float along, happy in our ignorance! But we agree, Ricl is a great help and good friend!