Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Update on Annie the Schnauzer

I would like to welcome 2 new "Followers" today.  A great big THANK YOU goes out to Wild Blue Yonder and Sam and Donna.  I hope you enjoy my blog and will find something interesting or entertaining to read as we live our fulltime RV dreams.  Please feel free to leave comments at any time.

Since I last posted an update on our little Annie-girl, not a lot has changed except for her eating habits.  She began going a little bit off her feed about 4 to 5 weeks ago.  Where she used to eat 2 level cups of dry kibble a day (divided up into 2 meals) she now only eats 1.  We put her dinner serving in her bowl and she pretty much leaves it there until the next morning.  Sort of like a cat grazes, I guess.  Never really been a cat person actually.  We try to coax her into eating by putting a few dry Cheerios on top of the kibble.  Most of the time she'll go over to pick out the Cheerios and leave the kibble.

She also spends a lot of time.....and I mean a lot of time.....snoring on the couch with a blanket. 

She isn't gaining actual weight, but she seems a little more plump around the middle.  Since she had some organ function issues late last summer when she had her seizures, that concerns us.  We will be back up in Tumwater on Feb. 28th and I've already made an appointment with her doctor to have her checked out.  If she should have emergency needs here in Pismo Beach, there is a vet nearby our RV park.

She isn't interested in long walks anymore either.  In fact, since we got here to Pismo she hasn't set foot on the beach yet.  By the time we walk her around the park to the beach access, she really balks at going further.  We let her call the shots and if she wants to go back home to the RV, then we take her back home to the RV. 

She is missing a great time on the beach, though.

Until next long for now!


Rick and Paulette said...

I sure hope Annie comes around and starts feeling better soon. I've always wished our dogs could talk to us when they're not feeling well so we would know what to do.

Margie M. said...

Thanks Rick and Paulette. It would be great if our furry kids could talk to us. It would sure solve a pile of problems, that's for sure.

Danny &Shula Oren said...

Hi Margie and Bruce.
We are enjoying your Blog and your life style.
Wish we could do the same but having family in Israel we found that our "Balance" in life is to split the time between RVing in North America and spending time with our kids and grand kids back home.
Wish you both many many more happy FT.

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

I know how concerned you must be about Annie,I had a schnauzer "Angie" for 16 years we spent every day together as I drove a truck over the road.Hope she gets to feeling better.

Jerry and Suzy said...

Our best to Annie and to you guys, her failthful friends and caregivers!

squawmama said...

Oh Margie I know how you’re feeling... It is so hard for our loving pets and us when they get sick... We swore no more pets when we lost our little Nikki but after 4 years we got a little rescue dog... Now it's been 7 years with her and she has something wrong... We don't know what yet but we do know it isn't diabetes... it may be cancer... She doesn't act sick but blood work came back not good. We are hoping for the best! I will be praying for your Anni too!!! Beach is beautiful...Travel Safe

Wild Blue Yonder said...

Hello Margie and Bruce

Thanks for the shout, I have been reading for a while, and enjoy your blog.
We will be on the road in about 5 months (if the house sells) with no itinerary.
Blogs help me determine where I would like to be and when.

God bless and give Annie a hug from me.

Karen and SD (and our little puppy Sammy)

bjveee said...

You don't want to let Annie anywhere even remotely close to the beach in Pismo. Even in the RV park you need to bathe her at least once a week! The sand fleas are everywhere!!!!
They are so bad "Frontline" or "Advantage" only offer a token result. The best thing is to limit her proximity to ANY other animals or sandy areas. They can jump feet!

Margie M. said...

Thanks bjveee for that information regarding the sand fleas.

Have a great day!