Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Little Rain, A Little Sun

Early this morning there was sunshine.  As we walked past the beach area we could see the rising sun shining on the waves.  If you want photos of the sunrise or the sunset, you have to act quickly.  The scene can change a minute or two.  If you hesitate, the sun has risen (or fallen) enough that the shadows are different, the colors are different and you've missed your opportunity.  Today we were there at the right time for me.
The waves looked so white and foamy as the sun was just peeking up above the clouds to the east.  An early morning jogger was enjoying some time on the beach.
Later in the afternoon, we could see some fog rolling in off the ocean.  It wasn't thick, but it was a visible presence.  The rain showers began but it wasn't much.  Mr. and Mrs. Mallard were enjoying a day here in the park.  I was able to get a photo of them before they quacked at me and waddled away.
We spent most of the day indoors.  I worked on Mackenzie's photo album.  I've been able to get 18 pages in her book finished and 12 pages in Zoey's book complete.  We stopped for a while to play gin rummy.  We've played over 1,000 games so far and are almost even-Steven in games won.  We're going to play until one of us reaches 1,000 wins.
The RV's have been rolling in and out of the park today.  It is Sunday and that seems to be moving day for many folks.  We prefer to enter and exit this park mid-week.  A lot less interior traffic.  We had some noisy people behind us for the past 2 nights but they were weekend only guests and left this morning. 

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend, no matter where you were. 

Until next long for now!


Rick and Paulette said...

Great pictures of the beach, Margie. That surf picture is a beauty! Glad to see you have lot's to keep you busy on inside days!

Jerry and Suzy said...

I'll second Rick's comment about the beach pictures. Those sun ups and downs are truly hard to capture if you are looking for the precise moment. Noisy neighbors are a pain in the campground (fill in your favorite anatomical desciption of you wish).

Phyllis said...

You really do keep track of things don't you? Even the total wins of Gin Rummy. Gosh and I thought I was organized! Happy card playing to both of you :)