Sunday, February 28, 2010

Stepping Back To Mt. Shasta

After a rough couple of days, I was happy to discover this afternoon that I have 2 new "Followers".  That lifted my spirits once again.  Welcome to Chris Larson and Blue Star Voyager.  THANK YOU very much for joining my expanding group of Followers.  I hope you will find the blog entertaining if not informative on the fulltime RV lifestyle. 

I'm going to step back now a couple of days.  If you read earlier posts, you know we had some breakdown issues on Thursday afternoon.  OK....I've covered that enough, but I wanted to share some photos I'd taken Thursday morning on our drive north from Corning, California to Medford (where you-know-what happened).

(click on any photo for a larger view)

Thursday morning we stopped at a rest area near the town of Anderson to eat our breakfast.  This rest area seemed to have undergone a renovation from the last time we were here.  The sign read HERBERT S. MILES REST AREA.  I don't know who Herbert is (or was), but he sure gave us a nice place to stop off and fix a meal.
After eating, we got out to give Annie some time outdoors to just sniff every blade of grass and do what dogs do.  Behind this rest area was a little waterfall.  No big deal, but nice.

Our rig sat pretty much by itself, as the parking area in Herbert's rest area was almost empty.
Continuing on our northward journey, we crossed this bridge over Shasta Lake (north of Redding).  The water level in the lake is higher than we have seen it in some years. 
Here are some views of Mt. Shasta.  We really got an eyefull today, with all the beautiful snow sparkling in the bright blue sky.  Mt. Shasta is 14,179 feet high.  There are 7 named glaciers on this beautiful, giant mounain.  Scientists feel that the last significant eruption on Shasta may have been over 200 years ago.

We stopped at another rest area near the town of Weed, California to see about getting another photo.  It was really cold here and the wind was blowing hard, as you can see from the wind sock for the airport which is behind the rest area.

After a little time enjoying another of Mother Nature's wonderous scenes, we climbed back into the motorhome and drove off toward Medford, Oregon. 

Until next long for now!


Cyndi said...

We drove south on the 5 from Oregon this summer - Shasta was an imposing site. But we were in a hurry (something that will stop once I retire) and didn't really enjoy the view. We did notice how dreadfully low Lake Shasta was. Nice photos!

In The Wind Adventures of William and Mary Ann said...

Nice photos Margie. :-)

Phyllis said...

Glad to read you are now enjoying your trip "home" to Tunwater.

Cindy said...

Awesome mt. pictures. Makes me miss Mt. Hood.


squawmama said...

Hi Margie... Well I don't know how but I missed your breakdown post so I went back and read it all... So glad you got it resolved and you are safe. This full timing life we do is not for the easily excited or the impatient person is it? We have been in those situations so often ourselves it is not even funny.... but we still continue on! Have a great day, loved your pictures and by all means travel safe!!!

Jerry and Suzy said...

Yay for you getting everything fixed, and yay for Lake Shasta. That has been worrisome for many years.