Saturday, February 20, 2010

Always Looking

Since beginning my RV blog about 1 1/2 years ago when we pulled up stakes to go fulltiming, I find that I am always looking.  Looking at what?  Everything and anything that is out in the world.  We'll pass something along the way in our travels and I find myself wondering, "would that make a good blog photo?"  Sometimes they don't, but I take them anyway.  Never know when something may come in handy.

Our fulltime RV life is laid back on most days.  We aren't touring all over the countryside every single day.  We do see interesting things just hanging around the different RV parks sometimes.  I seem to be dragging my camera along with us most of the time now, too.  I might find something interesting to shoot.

Blogs are personal journals mainly.  We all take photos and write about the stuff that is interesting to us.  Hopefully, we'll also touch someone else with our musings and we may even get a comment or two on what we've written about. 

The past few days have been quiet.  We've wandered around the town a bit in the afternoons getting a little more exercise.  We'll be leaving Pismo Beach this coming Wednesday, so I'll share a few of the photos I've got on file for Pismo.

The town has a lot of expensive condos and homes, but there are still a few that reflect a more simple, less extravagant era.  (click on any photo for a larger view)

This house on the corner has always been neat as a pin.  The owners keep it within a color scheme of red, black and white for the most part.  A lot of the flowers are red and white.

Before walking back to the motorhome, we made a stop at the 7-11 Store for a cold drink.   Outside the store is the usual stock pile of firewood.  The folks that own 7-11 keep a large supply of cut up firewood in these boxes for the camping tourists that come to town.  By the time Monday morning arrives, this pile will all be gone and they'll begin stacking up more for the next weekend.

The weather predicitons aren't great for the next few days.  We'll do the best we can to entertain ourselves.  Of course, we also have all the other blogs to read each day and that is always entertaining and informative.

Until next long for now!



Yes, it is always good to keep a camera near by. So many great things to see out there. Carrying a camera greatly sharpens your observing abilities. The mind becomes programed to shapes, colors, textures, light & shadow, & even when your not in camera mode the mind will alert you to something you might not otherwise have seen. Photography is such a great hobby & opens up a beautiful world that many others do not see. Keep up the great pics:))

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Haha have to laugh at the firewood boxes.

Around here, when you want firewood, you gather up the guys, toss the chainsaw in the pickup truck and go cut some deadfall trees alongside the road and bring it back to the campsite. LOL

Karen and Steveio

Jerry and Suzy said...

A quiet day can be a good day. I'm not anywhere near as avid as a daily blogger like you, so I don't always take my camera along. That's when I find the best pictures- when I don't have my camera. It's fun to record the simple things like those houses - loved the red-white and black theme.

Margie M. said...

Hmmmm. Karen, I've been thinking and I cannot think of ANY place here in central California where we could take out a chainsaw and get us some firewood. We'd be hauled off to jail for sure! That's just one of the many differences in California and everywhere else in the country! :)

Happytrails said...

We are learning! I can't tell you how many times we have been out and there it was....a photo moment and I didn't have my camera. So now we are taking it with us each time we go out.
We are also learning that this is our lifestyle and we aren't on vacation so we don't have to be "touring" somewhere each day. We are learning so thanks for the reminder.
Loved todays photos!!! Beautiful houses and area!

Mike and Gerri

Jim Johnson said...

I just sold a home here in Bend to some clients from California. They had been full time for 5 years but she needed a place for her grand piano. RVing does get in your blood! Enjoy!

Margie M. said...

Jim, thanks for your comment. You are correct....this RV lifestyle does get in your blood!