Friday, February 5, 2010

Being Mellow

I looked through a copy of the Tribune, the paper from San Luis Obispo, this morning at McDonald's.  Nothing much of interest to us since we don't live permanently in this community, but I checked my horoscope.  I do it just for fun as I don't believe they really have any prophecy value at all.  Here is what mine read for a Gemini......

"What you need to do is mellow out and slow down.  You don't always have all the choices you want.  Your ability to read between the lines can make a big difference."

Holy Smokers...if we slowed down and mellowed out any more they'd have to come and check to see if we were still breathing.  That's one of the biggest benefits to a fulltime RV lifestyle.  No pressure. 

Most days run pretty much the same way:

6:30 am - alarm goes off and we get out of bed, do the usual stuff, then set out for our 1-hour walk thru town

8:00 am - we're back from the walk, do the usual stuff, then go to McDonald's for breakfast (or eat our oatmeal here at home), read the paper, drink coffee

10:00 am - drive home from McDonald's or do the dishes after eating at home

10:30 am - decide where we will go today (if we are planning an outing).  If no outing is planned do the usual stuff (wash clothes, work at the computer, do scrapbooking albums, eat lunch, take another walk, read a book, watch TV or a movie on DVD, snooze a bit)  That will take us through the rest of the morning and the afternoon

5:00 pm - fix dinner, eat it, do the dishes, read blogs and make comments, write out my own 2 blog posts, read a book, call the kids at home, watch more TV or another movie, play gin rummy.  That will take us through the rest of the evening.

10:00 pm - go to bed and get ready to be "Mellow" again the next day.

I have to add:  take Annie on about 6 walks throughout the day.  She likes to get out to be "Mellow" too.

It began raining here in Pismo Beach overnight.  This morning the main part of the storm had passed and we just had a few showers for a while.  Nothing big, but the sky was cloudy.

We walked down to the beach access gate to get a couple of pics for the day.  Annie had a walk down to the gate but stayed off the dunes.
Here at Pismo Coast Village they put in a new sidewalk along the road at the end of the campsite rows.  It has been needed for a while since this is the part of the road that is the most narrow.  It will give pedestrians their own pathway and they can stay out of the way of the RV's entering and leaving the campsites.

That's all for today, because we're just being "Mellow" right now.

Until next long for now!


Rick and Paulette said...

With a few minor variations, your daily schedule pretty much mirrors ours too. It's not so bad is it?

Phyllis said...

Gosh Margie - I like that kind of mellow. We just got a couple of DVD's from the campgrounds lending library. We are about to mellow out also.

Happytrails said...

I agree with Rick....just a few differences and your mellow schedule sounds just like ours. It is a tough life but hey, somebody has to do it. Seriously, isn't this lifestyle just the best!!!!

I like the sidewalks! Makes walking much nicer and safer.

Take care,

Jerry and Suzy said...

Yay for mellow! But why do you need an alarm clock for a mellow day?

squawmama said...

We are the MELLOW FELLOWS aren't we! I just love San Luis Obispo... do they still have the Thursday night street fairs? I think it was Thursday... Have a fun filled day and travel safe my friend!

Sharon said...

Mellow sounds good. We could use more of that at our house (fifth-wheel). :o)