Thursday, February 4, 2010

This 'n That

Hello and Welcome to my latest "Follower".  A great big THANK YOU to danyshula for joining my growing band of Followers.  I really appreciate each and every one of you!!!

Rain is in the forecast for tonight, but when I took Annie out after dinner it didn't look like it was coming along anytime soon.  OK by me.

I'm working hard these days trying to get more pages finished on the "Grands" photo albums.  I'm still working back in June of last year with our trip to Walt Disney World with them.   I sit here at the table for hours everyday...cutting, sticking, sorting, searching for just the right layout. 

We've planned some minor outings for next week when the weather is supposed to be more cooperative.  There are a few places I've read about down around Santa Maria that we want to explore.  One thing I like to do when we are going to be in a certain area for at least a week, is to go to the local library and look for some books with some places of interest in that area.  You know, "things to see and do."  After we arrived here in Pismo Beach, we went to the library in Arroyo Grande, the town next door.  I found a couple of books with back road day trips highlighted.  So, we'll check out some of those suggestions.

Bruce called our RV service center up near home, in Chehalis.  We have a couple of items to get repaired (replaced?) before we take off again the end of March.  It's always something!  Today I noticed that one half of our freezer isn't freezing like it is supposed to.  We have the 4-door refer/freezer and it is the right side freezer compartment.  If I crank up the cooling number, which lowers the temperature, then the food in the refrigerator freezes.  We just had the entire cooling unit replaced last April, so who knows what the heck is wrong here.  Then we have a winterizing valve in the bedroom below the washer/dryer unit.  It is for the water heater.  We have never winterized this RV and since we are fulltimers now we won't.  Well, it started making a wheezing sound whenever the hot water tap is used.  It began this annoying sound last summer and we had the valve replaced at the factory when we were there in August.  Here we go again!!!  It will have to be replaced once more.

We'll be off to McDonald's tomorrow morning for our "Muffin Friday."  This is a really friendly place and the employees are so nice.  They don't play horrible, loud music either.  There is a little bit of soft jazz playing and the place is decorated with a Jazz Theme.  They have some large tables for spreading out the newspaper and we can hang out and read, eat and drink coffee to our heart's content.  It's a rough life, but somebody has to do it.  Hope all of you folks had a great day, too.

Until next long for now!


Happytrails said...

I am a little late in catching up with my reading. I just read about Annie. I am so sorry to hear your concern regarding her health. We love dogs and currently have two Shih Tzus and a Golden. I lost my Molly in August (she was almost 18 years old). I understand. Please know we are thinking about you and keeping a prayer for Annie. She has a great family!!

Take care.

Jerry and Suzy said...

Your top picture is a winner! Coastal flora can pose an interesting structure to include in your photos!