Friday, February 12, 2010

Shoreline Park in Santa Barbara

The ocean is one of our favorite things to see.  Pacific or Atlantic, it doesn't matter which.  We love them both and have often found they are the things we gravitate to most when we've been on vacations.  Now that we are fulltime travelers, I guess we can go see the sea anytime we want.

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When we were on our short tour of Santa Barbara Wednesday, we made a stop at Shoreline Park after leaving Stearns Wharf.  This is one of several city parks you can find throughout the city.  Shoreline is a long, narrow, oceanside park.  That name "Shoreline" gives it away as an oceanside park, doesn't it?  It has ample free parking and there is a walking path, restroom, playground and picnic area.  After we parked the car, we could look back toward the harbor area.
There was also a wonderful view through this multi-trunked tree that I couldn't resist.
Looking down at Mesa Beach from the bluff above, you can see the strange row formation of the rocks.  We were here at low tide but at high tide this entire Mesa Beach area is submerged by the Pacific.
We took the wooden stairs provided, and went down to the rocky beach.   Annie went with us and sniffed around at a few rocks.
It was a beautiful place to be on this sunny day.  The rocks were slippery in spots with a mossy coating, but still easy to manage in my walking shoes.  
Since it was low tide there were a few tide pools to check out, but they didn't provide any great finds.  Interesting though.  These next three photos are all of the tide pools and what we saw in them.

Before climbing back up the stairs to the park, I took a final photo.

After leaving Shoreline Park, we continued along the coast route to the exclusive residential area known as Hope Ranch.  Hope Ranch is an unincorporated suburb of Santa Barbara in a hilly area adjacent to the coast.  It is a very wealthy community mainly for the horsey-set as there are large estates and bridle paths throughout the neighborhood.
This tree lined street runs along the coastal bike route and makes a grand entrance into Hope Ranch.
Most of the estates have large gated driveways to keep out the riff-raff (like us).  As many as possible of the California oak tree canopy have been retained.  I think this is where the "old money" of Santa Barbara lives.  Although, there is a varied assembly of residents here like actor/businessman Fess Parker and rapper Snoop Dogg.  Go figure why old Snoop Dogg would want to live with a bunch of horsey fuddy-duds!   Well you never know.

After leaving our quick drive through Hope Ranch, it was time to get back to Highway 101 and head north toward home.  On the way back we planned a stop in Buellton for dinner.  More on that tomorrow.

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Have always had a desire to see the California coast plus areas like Santa Barbara. Maybe one of these days if we can get ourselves out of the desert long enough, we just might make it:))

Rick and Paulette said...

Nice pics again today, Margie. It was nice to see that Annie was able to go with you and get down to the beach!