Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday Was A Better Day

Thanks for all the pep talks after yesterday’s blog post.  It was just an off-day.  Maybe it was because we were having to get back into that early morning wake up time, I’m not sure.  But today was a much better day and we actually had fun again.

After breakfast we all came back to the motorhome to do a couple of more pages in the girl’s photo albums.  I want to have everything completed on these albums before we leave in September.   We are all caught up now, so I think we’ll make our deadline.

We had planned to go to a park in Tumwater for a picnic, but the weather was not so great for that.  It didn’t get sunny until early afternoon.  So, we did the next best thing……we fixed up our picnic on the floor in the living room.  It was different.

                                            Egg salad sandwiches for everyone!DSCF5912

Bruce worked on some multiplication facts with Mackenzie and had a better result today.  She did great.  Zoey also buzzed through her reading cards and knew all but 4 words on sight.  Progress is good.  Many thanks to Carol K for some tips on working with these multiplication tables. 

The girls and I decided to let Papa have a quick snooze on the couch and we went upstairs to play.  We came up with a game we called “Fitness Center” and Mackenzie called the shots here (naturally).  We don’t want the girls to just be couch potatoes, so fitting exercise into playtime was fun.  Mackenzie fixed a circuit for the 3 of us and we followed her lead.

                                            This pull-up bar is a favorite muscle builder for the girls.DSCF5915  

                                            Not exactly one of the circuit stops for Grandma!  I’ll skip this one.DSCF5916
We brought out Zoey’s CD player and popped in her Disney disc with a lot of lively dance songs.   Our favorite is “Hey, Mickey”.   It was released by one-hit-wonder Toni Basil many years ago.  You know the song “Oh, Mickey you’re so fine”….yada, yada, yada.  The singer was in the video dressed like a cheerleader.  That song really gets us moving, dancing and jumping around.  I think we played it about 6 times in a row while we went through the circuit.

                                               Zoey got a turn on the pull-up bar after I lifted her up to it.DSCF5922

We did some stretching exercises that Mackenzie led from her experiences at the gym each week.  They always do a lot of warm-up exercises before gymnastics.  She thought she was hot stuff showing me all her moves.

                                                       I found these easier to do than trying my luck with the pull-up bar.DSCF5921

We did squat jumps, heel raisers, and a variety of sitting on the floor stretching stuff.  I know my muscles will be crying out in pain tomorrow.  We all used the 3-lb. hand weights for some upper body workouts.  They have a stretch band too, which was great.

                                                                Zoey gives her demonstration.DSCF5918
When we were finished with that we went outdoors and jumped on the trampoline for about 15 or 20 minutes.  OK, that finished me off but good!  I was exhausted.  Stephanie got home about an hour later and Bruce and I were out the door in a flash.

We dropped Annie at the motorhome and we drove over to our Tumwater McDonald’s and got an ice cream and played several games of Gin Rummy.  We just tend to make ourselves at home at McDonald’s…..we bring the cards or bring our books and sit and relax and unwind.  This was a good day.

Until next time…..so long for now!


Happytrails said...

One thing I have noticed this summer; you guys do so well in thinking of good fun things to do with the grands. You are so creative. Gerri & I make a MacDonalds run for soft ice cream and coke 2 or 3 times a week ourselves and sometimes just sit and talk for a while when there.
Take care and get some rest from your trampoline jump.
Mike & Gerri

Carol K said...

Hooray for good days! Generally good days outweigh the bad, but those occasional bad days can be SO debilitating. I don't know if I could be as active a Grandma as you are with the girls, but I give you a lot of credit for not just plopping them down in front of a computer or TV. Way to go, Margie and Bruce!

Rick and Paulette said...

Glad to see you had a much better day today even though you must be tired from all that jumping around with the Grands! Just a few more weeks and you'll be watching those beautiful sunsets each evening at Pismo Beach! It always helps to have something good to look forward to!

JODI said...

Feeling guilty now for not going to the gym. The "grands" are personal trainers.

Judy and Emma said...

How many weeks are left now? You make me tired just reading this! :)

Cindy said...

Yeah you are back!!!

I might have to get Zoey to teach me how to do that!! lol....NOT!!
Now that would be a money making video..lol

I am proud of you for everything you do with the girls!! No couch potatoes around you!! They will remember this.

Hugs Cindy and Walker

Margie M. said...

Judy and Emma: We are on the job until August 31st, but have weekends off. Well, except for when we take the girls camping again in about 10 days.

Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

Totally understand the early morning thing. We have not set an alarm in so long and to tell you the truth we are tired of getting up at 5am to be at work at 6am...only 31 more days...but whose counting?

Karen and Al said...

I'm really glad you had a better day and I can tell the girls had fun.

I really liked that clock hanging there by the doorway. Do you think they'd let me borrow it until we sell the house? It would look so pretty in my living room. :)

Jerry and Suzy said...

Saw that shot of you doing the toe-touch routine. Just want you to know, I can still touch my toes too -- but I have to be sitting on the edge of my chair to do it. I'm not a couch potato, though, as we don't have a couch. We do have easy chairs, so that makes us .... what?

Gypsy said...

You look like you're doing ok with some of those exercises!

Phyllis said...

We all have good days, not so good days and great days. All part of life's tapestry.

Dennis and Donna said...

Yea!! Amazing what a difference a day makes..(good title for a song). The only way I can touch my toes is to cross my legs and reach down...in other words, I cheat. All the time spent with your grandkids will see you throught the time away from them..I hope you have a webcam!

Dennis and Donna said...

What a difference a day makes (good title for a song)..I can only touch my toes if I sit, cross my legs and reach down...I cheat. That time you are spending with your grandkids will see you through the winter...hope you have a webcam!