Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lunch At The Lake In Olympia

Welcome aboard to new “Follower”, Lin.  I appreciate you signing on to join the group and THANK YOU very much for taking time to read about our RV lifestyle.

Tuesday I wanted to take some photos of the Capitol Lake in nearby Olympia (Washington), so we took our lunch with us.  I threw together a quick lunch and we drove about 3 miles to the lake.   This lake is at the mouth of the Deschutes River.  It is a manmade lake with a walking/jogging path that encircles it. 

                                            Bruce is waiting for his lunch and enjoying the view.DSCF5861 

Capitol Lake opens up into Puget Sound’s Budd Inlet.  In September and October the salmon can be seen going upstream from the sound, through the lake, and into the Deschutes River by Tumwater Falls.  No salmon on this day in the sun, but we enjoyed a lunch and then a stroll around the lake.

                                            Olympia is our capitol city.  We could see the dome from our bench.DSCF5863
Capitol Lake is a favorite spot for walking and running.  You can find folks out for exercise at all times of the day during the summer.  During the winter months the diehards still appear and will run in the rain.  Sometimes we just don’t have an option here.

                                            You have nice views of the lake as you walk around it.  Makes exercise fun.DSCF5864 

                                             At noon the path usually looks like this…….DSCF5865

The capitol building is sometimes reflected in the waters of Capitol Lake.  Not so much on Tuesday.  No swimming is allowed in this lake.  During July the City of Olympia presents Lakefair, which is a carnival type celebration that runs for several days, and it is held by this lake.   Fellow bloggers Ron and Ali are workampers and worked here at Lakefair.  Unfortunately, we were not able to connect with them at that time. 

                                            Not a good day for reflections in the lake today.DSCF5867
Here in Olympia/Tumwater when the sun comes out, so do the people.  We have to take advantage of the sunshine when it presents itself to us.  Sunbathers and picnic folks can be seen in several areas of the community, but especially here around the lake.

                                            These folks brought their chairs with them to bask in the sun.DSCF5869

We walked around half the lake Tuesday.  Up near 5th Avenue, at the northern part of Capitol Lake, the walking path widens.  You can easily walk into the main shopping area of downtown Olympia from this location to find unique shops and restaurants.  Plus, the ever-loving coffee stands we Washingtonians love can be found here, too.

                                            The wider path near 5th Avenue.DSCF5870

It was a nice, quiet day.  We enjoyed some time in the sun just being happy and content with our lives as part-time residents of this great community.  The simple life is good.

Until next time… long for now!


Happytrails said...

Glad you and Bruce enjoyed a peaceful day outing at the lake. It looks inviting to walk around.
You're right about enjoying the simple life and we are happy for you guys!
Take care and be safe.
Mike & Gerri

Carol K said...

Here's to the simple life!

Every time we drive through Olympia, we look for that great view of the capitol dome.

When our son, Tim, was 15, he worked as a page for the Olympia legislature for one week. Since then we've had a soft spot for Olympia, no matter who's in office!

Rick and Paulette said...

Nice pics of the Capitol and the lake! You haven't had too many nice quiet days like this during the this summer!

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Nice tour of the Olympia area, it looks like a nice place to visit and spend some time. We too like the simple things in life. Hope you guys are enjoying your time off. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Jerry and Suzy said...

Margie, it's great to be back on board your blog after our hectic week! We are enjoying the simple life today, letting out all the weariness. We don't have much access to walks around lakes down here, at least not very close to home. It was pleasant walking with you and Bruce around Capitol Lake.

Kathy and Robert said...

Yay for "nice, quiet days!" Yay for "the simple life!" Nice post.

Phyllis said...

How nice your Capital city looks. Ours, Trenton NJ, should take note!

Sue and Doug said...

a little piece of paradise in the middle of Olympia!..looks like a great place for a stroll!!

Dennis and Donna said...

Finally some quiet time for you certainly deserve it! Great pictures...makes my put that on our list of places to see.

Judy and Emma said...

I'd sure like to see that salmon run! (better than me trying to run!) :)