Monday, August 2, 2010

Organized? Who….Me?????

Sometimes it seems like a curse and other times it seems like a blessing.  I’m talking about being an organized person.  At least I know I am not alone.  I got the following comment from Kimberly and Jerry from over at Hit The Road Jack,  “You are without a doubt, so very organized.  We always say we are anal when it comes to being organized, but we love it”.  I have to admit….I love being organized just like Kimberly and Jerry do.

But folks, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  I am going to now confess more about my organizing habits.  I maintain a notebook with a series of calendars where I have recorded the RV park or campground we have stayed in on each date.  Then if we liked the park, I may keep the brochure given to us with the park diagram, website, phone number, etc. for future reference if we plan to return.  I keep those in plastic sleeves to protect them. 

We always keep a monthly calendar on the refrigerator where we can record appointments or dates of some significance (birthdays, etc).  I have done this for 35 years or more so I just brought that habit along with us when we moved into the RV. 

I also made a separate monthly calendar for our planned activities with the girls this summer.  I made one for them to keep at their house and we have one on our refrigerator.  This makes it easy to remind ourselves what we had planned for any given day.  So far, it has been very helpful.  I highlighted our babysitting dates so we could easily spot the free days.

                                            This is the activity calendar we will use for August.DSCF5817

The third calendar I maintain on the refrigerator is of my dinner menus for a month.   Also many years ago, I began planning out the dinner meals a month ahead and putting them on a calendar.  This was mainly for my Dad’s benefit when he lived with us because he was always asking, “What’s for dinner tonight?”  So, I developed this calendar habit so he could always look ahead to see what he would be eating for dinner that evening.  I liked the idea very much, so I kept up that habit after Dad was gone.   The menus aren’t cut in stone….we can switch it up if we want to and go out for a meal.

                                            Dinner menus all planned out for August.DSCF5818

There is another added bonus to making a menu calendar.  It is helpful when planning a grocery list for buying the ingredients needed for that week.  I can scan the dates for the week and know what I’ll be needing to purchase for our dinner meals.  But I take it one step further (don’t I always?) and I have a pre-made grocery list all ready.

When I was a busy Mom and worked for our business too, time was of the essence.  I had read many books on home organization and one of them suggested using a master grocery list.  Great idea.  So I made one up and then I printed off several copies to keep in my file.  I used to do that on my old IBM Selectric typewriter…..but now can use the computer.  When it is time to make out my shopping list, I just get a copy from my file and check off the items I need to buy. 

                                            This is my pre-made list checked off with items for this week.DSCF5820 


                                            Here are all 3 of our August calendars on our motorhome refrigerator.DSCF5848

Back in the 1970’s and 1980’s before we had an RV, we took cruise vacations or trips by airplane.  We were working a family business and had a week or two at most to get away for some travel.  Packing for 2 adults, 2 small kids and still being busy with tons of stuff outside the home, I again followed a tip from an organization book.  I made out a master packing list and copies several of those also.  It was similar to our master grocery list.  I put everything on the list I could possibly think of that any of us would need for any type of vacation.  Then when we got ready to pack for a specific trip, I could check off the items we’d need.  When actually packing the suitcases I would then cross off the item to be sure it wasn’t forgotten.  It worked very well and nothing was left at home by mistake.  I do prefer having all of our stuff in the motorhome with us now….no need for packing.

I don’t know if this organizing habit is genetic because my parents certainly were NOT organized at all.  But our granddaughter, Mackenzie, is just like me (poor kid) and wants everything just so on her desk and with her stuff.  Stephanie, our daughter is very organized also, but our son, Dennis, couldn’t care less.  I’ve seen his condo so I know for certain he is not interested in organizing anything. Smile

There could be some help for people like me….Organizers Anonymous….or something like that.  I wouldn’t go to a meeting because just like Kimberly and Jerry…..I love being organized!!!

They say confession is good for the soul so I just had to unburden myself and share with you all.  Now if I could just figure out how to get all of my photos organized in Picasa.  I may have to reread the information on that. 

Until next time… long for now!


Rick and Paulette said...

Cajun Shrimp on Aug. 24th sounds great to me! In fact, all the meals looked great to me!

Here I thought I was pretty organized, but you've got me beat by a country mile!

Bdubba said...

I think you need to come help me get organized! :)

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

I am almost speechless! While we do have some organization in our travels, compared to your system(s), I would have to say we are closer to the Keystone Cops.

Happytrails said...

I am an organized person also...what I get for teaching for 35 years. I like your list and calendars. I'm not quite that organized myself but I like it!!
Thanks for the tips...I may adopt some of them.

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Carol K said...

I truly think that you could, if you wanted to, give organization seminars at some of the RV rallies!

I think that it helps to be organized, especially when you live full-time in an RV. But probably we are all either an organized person or not.

I, too, consider myself an organized person, but for sure, I have room to improve. Thanks for the valuable suggestions.

I don't do monthly meal planning, but I do keep a log of campgrounds we stay in.

I liked seeing the state magnets on your refrigerator. Those are good souvenirs!

Judy and Emma said...

OMG! You are really organized! I thought I was pretty organized, but I now feel like a real slacker. :)

By the way, I like your magnets on the frig.

Sue and Doug said...

OK..I need some help..!! are the winner when it comes to organizing!!!..way to go Martha..sorry I mean Margie!!..I wish that I could be that organized!!..thanks for all the tips..gonna work on some of that!!!


I have always thought of being organized as a means of staving off stress. When a person is organized they know where things are & when things are happening. I think that is a far easier way to live than going around in a willy nilly circle of constant disarray & confusion. I am organized in some areas & not so much in others. Don't think I could ever take it to the level you are at though.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

All I can think of is WOW, Im like that meal planner, although Donna & I only have three nights a week to dine together, I usually can't think of what to cook for tonight let alone a month from now, and that pre printed grocery list, just great I am constantly asking if there is anything else to put on the list before I go to the store.Maybe some of this organization stuff will rub off on me after we start on the road. But then I will have to find a way to post things on the refrigerator as it won't hold magnets. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Phyllis said...

Echoing Sam and Donna = WOW.

ALthough I do like your shopping list suggestion. I think I will do something similar.

JODI said...

All this organization is making me feel inferior. LOL

I like to go on the theory being a bit unorganized in my daily life builds character. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it. ;-)

Dennis and Donna said...

You need an intervention, girl...I will be right over with white out, a big eraser..and a bottle of wine...

Claire said...

Great organization.
Is a great resource for Picasa and any other Computer question. They put on seminars at RV Rallies, but also have a great web page. You can look at a lot of stuff for free, but they charge a nominal fee for the rest of their page, but it is really worth it because they really know a lot. They also answer questions.
Claire and Ted.

Wild Blue Yonder said...

I can't even be half that organized!!!
good for you!

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

I like being neat in our rig, and know where everything is or labelled. But I am not quite as organized as you are!

Now to organize my studio, you are welcome to come and do a bangup job!