Monday, August 9, 2010

My Brain Is Fried

I would like to welcome a couple of new “Followers” to this blog.  Welcome aboard to John and Carol and to jld52405.  I really appreciate the attention you give to read this blog about our fulltime lifestyle.  THANK YOU very much and I hope you enjoy my stories.

It’s been a long day.  The sky was dreary all day until a few minutes ago (around 6:30) so maybe that contributed to my doldrums…..but it doesn’t usually.  Since moving here we have never been bothered by the cold or cloudy days like some folks are. 

Sometimes there are just situations in life, or families, that you cannot do anything about.  It is just not in your power to affect any changes.  This is when I learn on my prayers to get me through and that is a comfort.  I’ve not got any fantabulous photos to post tonight (notice I did not say awesome) so I’ll just stick some cheerful ones in to hopefully pick up my spirits.


We started our day at 5:30 am.  We were able to read the newspaper and drink that first cup of coffee while Zoey and Mackenzie were still upstairs snoozing.  Darin asked Bruce if he could look at the new faucet for the kitchen sink and maybe install it since he had no clue how to go about it.  Bruce said he would.  The girls got up, we ate breakfast and I made sure they got dressed in something suitable for the weather, and then the 3 of us took off for the motorhome.  We left Bruce behind to check out that faucet.

Today was another planned activity to work on the summer photo albums the girls are making.  They were so good about everything and really enjoyed the work.  It is back-breaking for me as I stand at the table bending over to help them get everything cut, organized and decorated.  We worked for about 3 hours.  Then we drove back to the kids house to see if Bruce got the new faucet installed.


He couldn’t get the old faucet out as he needed to get a longer socket (I think that’s what it was) and then our son, Dennis, came over to look at it with him and explained about the better faucets they have at Home Depot.  He suggested Stephanie return the one she bought and spend just a few $$$ more and get a washer-less one that should last longer without leaking.  We’ll run that by her and see if it flys.

We took the Grands to McDonald’s for lunch and an ice cream.  When we got back to their house, Bruce sat with Mackenzie to work on her multiplication flash cards.  That did not go well at all.  Tears galore.  No, not Bruce.  Mackenzie has really fallen behind on these multiplication cards.  We have worked with her several times this summer….but…hello!!! she needs a lot more work on these things people!!!  Did they work on it during the 2-week vacation period?  I’m sure not.  Maybe a 20-minute session every afternoon, even on the weekends, would be a good idea.  Turn off the dang TV and pay attention!!!  Part of the problem with my mood today, I guess.


Our babysitting day ended at 2:00 and we made a quick trip home to walk Annie before heading over to our church.  Yesterday I had made a commitment to go over this afternoon and help decorate and do some work to prepare for next week’s Vacation Bible School (VBS).  I enlisted Bruce’s help and the 2 of us stayed until 4:30 setting up and decorating.  There is a whole lot more to do, but I did not commit to another day.  I helped out 2 years ago for the whole week of VBS.  I was one of the cooks and we fixed dinner for 45 people every night.  It was a lot of fun.  This year I would have liked to do the same thing, but frankly, I am just too tired.  I donated some money for the food budget but I still feel guilty about not doing more.  But guess what?   There is only so much a person can do.  Right now I feel over my head sometimes with stuff, so the guilt will just have to be there.  God will understand.

                                   The bottom line reads:  please send picture of boat and motor.  DSCF4336

Our weather is supposed to be gloomy again tomorrow, so we’ll just have another photo album workshop with the Grands.  Later this week things are supposed to get sunny and warm up again.  We’ll get outdoors then.

Another bummer:  I got an e-mail from my cousin, John, in Portland, Oregon.  His mom is the aunt we just visited in Soda Springs.  Aunt Anne is back in the hospital, again, with more infection in the leg that had the knee replacement surgery.  The surgery was done last spring and this is the 3rd time she’s ended up back in the hospital.  John called his former wife, who is a doctor down in San Francisco, and talked to her about this situation.  Her advice was clear:  get her out of that town and down to Salt Lake City to an infectious disease specialist.  John and his current wife, Diana, are heading over to Soda Springs on Thursday.  Hopefully they will be able to convince Aunt Anne and Uncle Lyle that this would be the best course of action.  Sometimes when folks get up into their late 80’s they get a bit stubborn and aren’t willing to listen to reason.  We’ll see what happens.

Guess that is all for tonight.  My energy is waning.  But, heck, I feel better already just having written this post!  See what you all do for me!!!

Until next time… long for now!


Gypsy said...

I hope you can cheer up before long. Everything seems to go wrong at once, doesn't it.

I can relate to the backbreaking work of dealing with children - with me it is bending over to pick up a toddler, or carrying her on my hip (I thought that stage was behind me, lol).

Keep your eye on the prize(s): first of all, the freedom you will experience soon when you can travel again; second, the love your granddaughters will feel for you when they get older and realize how much love and patience you extended to them.

My nearly-21 granddaughter has always been the joy of my life, as she was my ex-husband's. And now she goes out of her way to be with me, confide in me, and tell me how much we are alike. That is priceless.

Happytrails said...

Sorry your day has been a little "off." I think we all have days like that. You and Bruce are doing a terrific job with the girls this summer. You have mingled both fun and learning into their days with you all. Multiplication is one of the most difficult concepts for kids to pick up because they just HAVE to learn them. There is no "trick" to it like learning some things. She'll get it.

I know Mike and I really enjoy reading your blog and you pick our day up many times with your stories and adventures. Thanks!

You hang in there and before you know it the sun will be shining and your spirits will be lifted.

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Carol K said...

No wonder you are sort of "blue" today. That's a lot of things to worry about. I hope that your Aunt Anne is able to get the treatment that she needs and will feel better soon.

Good luck with the faucet. Good thing Bruce is there to fix things before you leave for Pismo!

For Mackenzie, try this method instead of the flash cards: Have her count out loud by 2s, 3s, 4s, etc. I know the larger numbers are harder, but this method creates a slightly different way to understand the times tables. She can do it in the car, or anywhere, because it's more mental than visual. Saying the numbers out loud will help her if she's more auditory than visual. Make it a game and let her start with the easy numbers to give her confidence. It's worth a try, anyway. :)

Hope you have a better day tomorrow. At least it won't be Monday!

Cindy said...

Margie I am worried about you. I read in your writings there is stress around you. You need some rest!!!!And no commitments. I know how you feel!! Sometimes I just want to head to the closet and sit..and be still and everything is quite!! lol
I will keep you in my prayers!!

I love your choice of flower pictures..they are perky!!

Hugs Cindy and Walker

Rick and Paulette said...

Sounds like you've had a pretty trying day so I'm not too surprised at what you might think is a gloomy type blog. I don't think it is though, it just sounds like one of those days we all have on occasion. With the kinds of days you've been putting in it's no wonder you get tired once in a while!

It's terrific that you could at least sit down and write about it so openly and honestly. It helps to put my own day in better perspective as well, so thanks for that help.

I sure hope your aunt takes the advice to get a look at her leg. Infections are becoming the biggest problems these days after hospital stay. They are terribly difficult to get rid of and are always dangerous especially to older folks. It's pretty much what did my uncle in last year after successful hip-replacement surgery.

Hope you get an 'awesome' night's rest and are fit as a fiddle tomorrow!!

Margie M. said...

Thanks everyone....your comments are "awesome" and I take each one to heart.

Jessica said...

Hi Margie,
Sorry to hear that you have so many stresses and worries at the present time. We sure do all have times like that, but that doesn't make them any easier to endure. As much as I know you love spending time with the "grands", I think that your mood will also improve somewhat when your time isn't so structured and committed, and you can get back to "normal" life. :)


Appreciate you writing about your honest feelings. Life's realities are all around us. Some folks choose to talk about & accept them & others chosse to skip along ignoring them. It is the people who are able to express their feelings who are in a position to help others who cannot.....or will not.

Phyllis said...

Sometimes it is not just people in their 80's who are stubborn. Don't we all have some of that streak?

Margie - how great that when you have a down day you can unload with your writings. So many people keep frustrations, etc inside, let it build and then just burst. My dear Leonard is like that. I think woman, for the most part, more openly express feelings and moods. I am with you girl!

Karen and Al said...

Is there any chance for you to take a day off and do something just for you? A day trip somewhere, a movie?, a day in the MH without kids?

I know for me our little day trip really helped a lot. Of course I do not have nearly as much stress as you do.

Judy and Emma said...

I've always had a struggle remembering what 6X7 and 7X8 are. And I was a math major!

It can be frustrating dealing with family at times. Take deep breaths! :)

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Your entry today highlights how family and friends bring our happiest and most stressful moments in life. I guess that is the nature of the human condition.

I have learned that it is important to do what you can for your family and friends, but in the end everyone is responsible for their own lives.

You cannot take up the burden of others, especially if that burden, as so often is the case, is caused by poor decisions on their part.

Dennis and Donna said...

Come on all of you RV'ers ...and all of you "wanta be's" too..Join in and sing along...(com'on Margie ..go get Bruce and lead us in a sing along!..."ON THE ROAD AGAIN...I JUST CAN'T WAIT TO GET ON THE ROAD AGAIN"...Quit laughing, Margie and start singing...I can't HEAR you!!!
..OK, one more time...Yea, that was better!!! We did Willie Nelson proud..and we all meant exactly what we sang!!!!We know for sure Margie and Bruce did!!!

Margie and Roger said...

Karen is right - sounds like you need a little "me" time. You can't take care of everyone else if you don't first take care of yourself.

Wild Blue Yonder said...

We are all human and do what we can. Remember.. this too shall pass.
When you are on on the road (no, I won't sing it, but it's in my head now, thanks Dennis and Donna!)
things will look different and you can have your "life" back.
Tough it out, keep that smile on your face and things will get better.
They always do.

Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...


Good diagnosis...sure sounds as if Margie has that good ole hitch-itch. Today was one of those days for us as well, we were both just out of sorts.

That's ok, we all deserve a day like that every once in awhile, let's just vow it won't continue...