Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Know I’m Getting Tired

I have another new “Follower” to appreciate!  THANK YOU very much DearMissMermaid for joining my growing group.  Welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy coming along with us when we travel.

Right now I’m feeling very tired.  We are down to the wire on the babysitting job.  3 more days!  Today we spent several hours here at the motorhome with the Grands putting together more pages in their summer photo albums.  We’ll try to finish them up on Monday. 

Yesterday for some reason my Live Writer went kablooey.  Some kind of ERROR box popped up and we could not get anything to work right.  We uninstalled everything for Live Writer and then reinstalled a version that said Live Writer 2011.  I don’t know what went wrong, if we did things right to install the program again, or even if I’m hanging upside down right now since I am so tired!

The only problem I can see with LW now is that I don’t know how to set a default setting for font size (if there is such a thing).  When I want to type in my blog post title now, it will not allow me to move up to a bigger size.  I change font size and then when I move the cursor to the area to type the title it goes back down to a dinky size.  OK…you win!!!  Whatever.  I’m forging ahead because I have few brain cells left at this moment to even think straight about it.

                                                      Sidewalk flower box in Long Beach.DSCF6133-1

I haven’t been able to cruise around all of the blogs I follow every night either, because I’m too tired by the time I publish a post.  Please don’t anybody think I’ve deserted you!  I just haven’t had enough free time. 

We have had a nice change in our weather here in the Tumwater area.  It cooled down about 20 degrees today with a bit of a breeze.  Refreshing.  Fall seems like it is just around the corner now.

                                                           Flowers at the Point Defiance Zoo.DSCF6197

Tomorrow morning we are taking the girls over to the store where Mommy works.  The Jelly Belly motorhome and it’s VW beetle are coming for some kind of promotional tour.  Jelly Belly candies will be 50% reduced in price!  Guess we should buy a few.  They have so many flavors to choose from. 

                                            More flowers at the zoo.DSCF6235

Sunday we are having a little family birthday celebration for Mackenzie.  She will be 9 on September 1st.  We usually gather at the kids house, but this year I said we’d take everyone to Chuck E. Cheese for a little party there.  Mackenzie has been bugging everyone for a birthday party there.  Stephanie wasn’t the least bit interested in entertaining that thought… Grandma said she would do it !!!   Hehehe !!!

                                            Just some trees right by the kids house.DSCF5931

That’s my boring report for this very busy day.  Now, I’m resting my aching back (too much leaning over the table helping with the albums), drinking some great coffee while I listen to the washer doing it’s job for me.   Peaceful evening.  The alarm is set for another wake-up at 5:30 so I’ll get to bed early again I guess.

Until next time… long for now!



Judy and Emma said...

Good thing you'll be done soon. There's a reason people only have children when they're young!

You know you'll miss them when you leave, but I think it's time to move on. :)

Sweet dreams!!!

Carol K said...

No wonder you are tired, you have going strong all summer long. But the end is in sight. It's nice that the Grands had a good summer with you and are now looking forward to seeing friends and going back to school.

Computer problems always make me tired (and frustrated)!

Happytrails said...

Margie, I enjoyed reading your blog tonigt. We have been "out of pocket" a bit, and was nice to read of our friends. It sounds like you are very tired and need some good rest. I hope the birthday party goes well, tell Mackenzie you have a freiend whose birthday is one day after her's. Mine is Sept.2, maybe a year or 2 different though.LOL
I know yoiu and Bruce anre getting ready for a break in babysitting, but I bet there were alot of priceless memories.
Take care, rest and be safe.

Cindy said...

You are soo funny. I read the part where you voluntered Chucky Cheese for the party..knowing it will stress her mom out some..teehee..payback is so sweet.
You two need a long rest..just yourselves and the walks and of course some mornings at McD.And of course Annie!! Looking forward to your quite time visits. Love the zoo flowers!

hugs Cindy and Walker

Wayne and Roberta said...

It probably doesn't seem like it to you but the summer has flown by and you have given your Grands a summer to remember.

Hang in there only a few more days and you will be heading south for some much needed R&R.

Rick and Paulette said...

I'm not surprised your tired either and computer problems you don't need! Give me a shout in the morning if you want some help, o.k.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Sounds like you are ready for a change.

we are thinking we may be in your shoes in a few months as one of our daughters is expecting and I can see some infant baby sitting in our future. Not sure I am qualified for that anymore.


I know first hand those Live Writer error messages you are experiencing. I feel your frustration & tiredness when it comes time to publish the blog & it throws an error message at you. As much as I like Live Writer it can be a real obstinate pain at times & it seems to know sometimes when you are at your most vulnerable stage. I have had to spend many hours re-doing things late at night just for the sake of getting the blog published. It is at those times when I ask myself, 'is this blogging really worth all the time & effort it takes!!' I have been asking myself that question a lot lately.....

Jessica said...

Hi Margie,
Well, it sounds like you have had a great summer, but its time for it to be over! Going all the time like that does take its toll - you will be ready for a break! :)

I also had a problem with LiveWriter a couple days ago - was getting error messages, and had to reinstall it. So far it's working ok since I reinstalled it.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Margie, if you make it though a Chuckie Cheese party you will be home free, been there and done that, sheesh all the kids and noise and tokens, but I know you and Bruce are up to it. Hey Mackenzie and Adam are very close in age Adam will be nine on the 8th maybe someday the will meet. Thanks for the compliment on the coffee break in the morning with Donna. your right 04:30am sounds early to most folks but we have been doing it for years, on the days she works the Restaurant after the truck company it is the only time we have together, since I am alseep when she comes home, Thnak goodness Rigg's is waiting for his Mom. Be safe out there and give the Birthday girl and her sister a hug for us.Sam & Donna...

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Chuck E Cheeze?????????? Oh gosh, woman, are you BRAVE~! It's not your own kids, it's all the other ones let to run free with no supervision that drives me nuts!!! Their parents sit in another room at a table and let the heathens run wild!

Please let us know if you survive this adventure. If you do not post again, we know what happened. And we know the Big Cheeze got ya!


Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

JODI said...

I hope the Jelly Belly wagon comes with the "Cocktail Classic" mix. You know all the flavor of a nice cocktail that doesn't require an ID or impair the driving. ;-)

Gail Durham said...

Happy birthday to Mackenzie! Your grandaughters are so very blessed to have you as a Grandma!

Sue and Doug said...

hope Mackenzie had a great birthday..!..and as for reading all the blogs?..I know the feeling..been too busy to read all of them too!..I am still out here!! more week and back to work for me!!

Gypsy said...

I know exactly what you mean. I love my granddaughters to pieces, but every time I plan on having a few days in a row to rest or do whatever, I end up getting the call and the dreaded question. Sometimes I wonder if I can ever get back on the road. Good luck with the party. I wouldn't be caught dead in a Chuck E. Cheese place these days, lol. (Famous last words.)

Phyllis said...

Some times we just need a break from reading the blogs. But we always return don't we?

I, too, get tired and FRUSTRATED on the computer. I have a problem reading directions. I learn by being shown, not from reading.

Dennis and Donna said...

I totally understand being too tired to post a comment...I'm just about there....It won't be long until you are back at your travels...the way it all began..just you and your hubby!

Susan said...

Wish Makenzie a Happy Birthday from me too. I will be celebrating right along with her. It is the same as mine. I'm glad that you had a great summer with the Grands. I hope that I can do that next summer with some of mine.

pidge said...

I liked your post. At least you are honest. Loved the picture of the cosmos. One of my favorite flowers and very easy to grow. Get some rest.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

The other day Live Writer wouldn't post for me. I copied and pasted the blog into Blogger, and then put the pictures back in myself.

Then I found out that I was ONE picture over my limit, so I just didn't post that picture.

I spent a long time getting rid of pictures that weren't relevant, I shouldn't have kept them anyway. Then upped my storage capacity.

Happy Trails, Penny, TX