Sunday, August 22, 2010

RV PARK REVIEW: Pacific Holiday RV Resort in Long Beach, WA

We are spending a weekend away from Tumwater and have come to the Pacific Holiday RV Resort, which is a membership park in our program.  It is a park within the Sunrise Resorts system.  We stayed here only one time prior to this visit, and that was in April of 2006 when we brought my Dad on a camping trip.

This resort is on the Long Beach Peninsula.  They say the peninsula has one of the finest razor clam and surf fishing beaches in the world.  There are also charter boats available for deep-sea fishing in nearby Ilwaco.  You can find restaurants galore throughout the town of Long Beach.


The entry drive is nothing special, but it is a wide drive and will allow other RV’s or cars to pass easily while you make your check-in visit.

There is a very small office for your check-in duty.  We were met by a very friendly woman who had us all fixed up with a very good site for our 3-day stay.  We made these reservations a little over 60 days ago.  Here at the beach, it is imperative to make reservations early if you are using an affiliate member program.  This park, and all the parks in Long Beach, are usually jammed full during summer weekends.


Pacific Holiday RV Resort is located just north of the downtown section of Long Beach, Washington at 12109 Pacific Way.  There are 80 full hook-up sites (30 amp only) and 12 with partial hook-ups.  It is open year-round and will accept RV’s up to 45 feet in length. 

The resort roads are paved and in good condition.  The sites are also paved with asphalt and fairly level.  We used our leveling boards under our jacks, but had no difficulty getting perfectly level.  We were very lucky to have been assigned site #31, as it appears to be one of a few with a bit of outdoor space off the passenger side.  Plenty of room for both of our slide outs.

                                                          This is our site #31.  No satellite dish obstruction either.DSCF6104
The vast majority of the remaining sites are fairly well crammed together with little room for tables or chairs.  We had one of these on our first visit in 2006, but since it was off season we had no neighbors near us.

                                                          Hope you like your neighbor!!DSCF6087

In all fairness to Pacific Holiday RV Resort, the other private parks we saw in Long Beach were this crowded together or worse.  At least this resort is set back from the road and has beach access through a short trail over the dunes.  Plus, the amenities at this resort are very nice, and appear to be better than the other parks near the downtown core of Long Beach.

                                                          Path from the resort to the beach.DSCF6088 

                                                          The ladies restroom was sparkly clean.

                                                          The clubhouse is upstairs but has a ramp for handicap access.DSCF6113

                                                          Inside the clubhouse were a pool table, game tables and arcade games.DSCF6110
                                                          There was a large laundry facility that was very clean.DSCF6108
Outside the clubhouse area was a small heated swimming pool.  In spite of the rather cool weather, we saw people swimming everyday.   The pool appeared to be clean and well-maintained.

                                                           There were nice deck chairs around the pool.DSCF6106

Pets on leash are welcome here.  They have WiFi service at $4.95 for a 3-day period and it worked very well for us.  Our AT&T would not work here….internet or cell phone.  There is a playground on the grounds for kids.  You can have cable TV for $2.00 per day, but we used our DirectTV.

Our stay at Pacific Holiday RV Resort was from August 20 until August 23.  We stayed here using our Coast to Coast membership which cost $10.00 per day.  They also accept Resorts of Distinction, AOR and Resort Parks International.  When we made our reservations, the Resorts of Distinction sites were all gone (free camping) so we chose to use the Coast to Coast.  I asked the woman at check-in if they allow the general public to camp here.  She said if they have availability they will accept them with a cost of $30.00 to $38.00 per day in peak season.

Our rating based upon 5 star system = **** 

There is nothing wrong with this resort except that the sites are so close together.  We have another option in this area now with a membership park so we will try that one next time.  We would come back here again, but only in the off season when fewer campers are here.

Until next time… long for now!


Dennis and Donna said...

We are not full-timers, so we have no memberships for any parks..but this one looks like a nice place...We tend to gravitate to Army Corp or State Parks....We are old and get the bennies from them...This place looks great!...enjoy!

Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

Great review as usual.

We look for good C2C membership parks, but we will not be going that far up the coast.

Kathy and Robert said...

Looks like you got lucky to get that large spot in lieu of all the other tight spots. Hope the guy next to the pool doesn't have his windows open...might get wet! Nice write up. K

Carol K said...

Good review of the park, Margie. I didn't remember that they had a swimming pool, or paved roads. Most parks in Long Beach don't have either. That's a very reasonable price for wifi.

Rick and Paulette said...

Another great park review with pictures, Margie. I'll have to add this park to my list of places to stay. We're hoping to get by that way next year on our way home from Palm Springs.

Happytrails said...

Margie, great park review and great pics for it. Looks like you guys were lucky and got a larger space. I bet the grands are enjoying.
Take care.
Mike & Gerri

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

We have certainly stayed in worse places and looks like it would be a good choice.

Thanks for the write up and I hope we get out that way to stay there.

Jessica said...

I really love your park reviews, Margie. :) You do such a good job of giving well-rounded coverage of the park. Between the descriptions and the pictures you take, I always feel like I have a really thorough description of what the park is like. Thanks for taking the time to do them.

Phyllis said...

UUMMM - yea, that one pic of the picnic table on that narrow strip of grass would really turn me off. Glad you had lots more room on your side.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Good review as always,we hope someday to head to the Pacific Northwest as this is one area niether of us has been to previously. Have a great stay, be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

pidge said...

Nice Park. You are very good at park reviews. Do you post on If not, I think you should.

Anonymous said...

none of the sinks are Accessible for an Individual that uses a wheelchair

Margie M. said...

You are correct, Anonymous, in that the bathroom sinks are not handicap accessible, however, I did not report that they were. I only stated that the upstairs clubhouse included a ramp for handicap accessibility. Thanks for your observation on those sinks, though! I appreciate your comment.