Thursday, August 5, 2010

This and That for Thursday

I would like to open this post by extending a big THANK YOU to new “Follower” Maureen Hill.  I appreciate everyone that joins my group of Followers and say Welcome Aboard, I’m glad to have you along for the journey. 

Nothing much going on for us today.  Weather is nice at around 80F.  No hassles and no worries at the moment. 


I could say Life is Awesome, but that might get me into a heap of trouble.  I’ve been learning from the blogs that this word is way over used.  Yep!  I have used it a lot over the many, many blog comments I’ve posted.  Guess I’ll have to give a new descriptive word when I want to compliment someone’s photo or blog post.  I looked awesome up in our small dictionary.  For definition it read:  inspiring awe, wonderful, impressive.  I also looked at the bottom of the page in the Thesaurus section and it read:  striking, moving, impressive, see:  Grand.  That information is all according to Mr. Webster.

Truth be told, when I look at some of the photos people post on their blog….they are AWESOME.  I’m not going to name names here because you all know who you are with the “striking” pics. (Al, Judy, Rick, Jerry, and many more)

Maybe I’ll just have to say, “Nice pic on your blog today”.   Nice is nice, but it seems so ordinary to me as a compliment.  But I’ll take the loud hint and not use the word awesome any more.  I may forget and it may slip through from time to time, so please bear with me.  Smile  At my age it is hard to remember the protocol for all this blogging business. 

                                            This is certainly an impressive looking elephant we saw in Disney World.DSCF3826

Here in Washington we have a lot of characters.  Many of them run for political office.  We got our ballots recently and I saw a couple of those characters were running for office (again).  I can’t recall seeing Goodspaceguy ever listed, but we’ve seen Mike the Mover on almost every ballot since we moved here in 1994.  I read in the paper he legally changed his name to “Mike the Mover”.  To my knowledge, he’s never been elected to anything.  Go figure!


We got an S.O.S. call from Stephanie today.  Zoey saw a lady bug lunch box she wanted for her journey to Kindergarten beginning in September.  They didn’t buy it when they saw it the first time, and now they couldn’t find another one.  Grandma and Papa got the call to see if the Olympia Toys R Us had one.  The kid’s were all up in Seattle for Mackenzie’s gymnastics camp and were looking at the stores there….nothing left. 

                                            We drove to Olympia to check the store for the lunch box.DSCF5889


                                                      We were in luck as they had 4 of them on the shelf.DSCF5887


                                            Many different styles for kids to choose from but it had to be a lady bug.DSCF5888
No big adventures to write about today.  That’s good.  We need to store up our energy to begin our babysitting job again bright and early next Monday. 

Please note:  In no way did I mean this post as a rant.  It was written all in fun and I don’t want anybody getting their panties all in a bunch about the whole “awesome” experience.  That’s what blogging is for me….FUN.   So go out and have yourselves a nice day, won’t you?  

                                            This pic of Mount Rainier is sure “striking”, isn’t it?DSCF5604

Until next time……so long for now!


JODI said...

Kindergarteners with cute lunch box lunches are AWESOME! Make sure the "grand" puts all her leftovers back in her lady bug so her eating habits (likes and dislikes) can be monitored and altered. There is nothing that gets my goat more than taking my classes to lunch and seeing the amount of uneaten/unopened foods tossed in the trash.

That is a sorta rant lol ;-)

Rick and Paulette said...

That lady bug lunchbox for Zoey looks pretty awesome to me! I think I might have said awesome was probably an overused word today, but I don't think it should NEVER be used either.

Besides, like you, I think I'll write the way I always have because it's simply for fun anyway.

I know I tend to use the word "great" too often. I think I do that because using awesome would sound, you know, just too awesome!

Carol K said...

I loved reading your blog today, Margie, as I do every day. I like your sense of humor!

Lady bugs, huh? I guess that's the new popular lunch box, since they had 4 of them and the other stores were sold out. How many different lunch boxes did that store have? I never knew that lunch boxes were such a big business!

Cindy said...

Oh my your picture of Mt.Rainer is..quite "grand."..There sure were a lot of "adorable" lunch boxes.
and I agree the Elephant is quite "striking"..All in all you did an "AWESOME" job..not using the word awesome!!Congratulations!! lol

Ps. I will take that word from you any day!!

Hugs..Cindy and Walker

Dennis and Donna said...

What we do for our grandkids!! But ain't it sooooo fujn???

Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

Really awesome ladybug lunchbox...oops...I meant to say...Really nice ladybug lunchbox.

I love the word awesome and if it's our blog than who are THEY to tell us what we do with it.

When we turned 52, we decided we can do whatever we want, just as long as we do not hurt anyone. Trust me, over use of awesome will not hurt anyone.

Keep up the awesome blogging.

Judy and Emma said...

I'm very flattered to find that you think my pics are "striking."

Personally, I am in awe of your ability to take topics and give them your twist. (is "in awe of" more acceptable than to say you're awesome?) Hope so! :)

Happytrails said...

I love the ladybug lunch box you got for Zoey. I am glad ya'll found it.
I think we should be ourselves and write the way we are, being considerate of others as always!
Take care and get some rest for the upcoming kidsitting.
Mike & Gerri

Levonne said...

Hey Margie, Don't worry about overusing the Awesome word in connection to anything that is mine (smiles). I won't hold it against you.

Wild Blue Yonder said...

Awesome post, awesome lunch box, awesome day.
Is that enough awesomes LOL


Sue and Doug said...

that lunch box is so CUTE!!!..and as for the 'A' word..thats you!!!

Randy and Pam Warner said...

I get to using beautiful, spectacular, nice, great ---after a while they become over used too so maybe I should use a few awesomes in there too....

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Hey Margie, you & Bruce are lucky to find the Lady Bug and have Grandaughters to by girly things for. I'm sure it will be a hit with Zoey especially if it is a surprise. I remember the Cars lunch box Adam just had to have, of course boys taste runs a little different than girls. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

Jerry and Suzy said...

Mr. Rogers always said "It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood." So - wonderful is a fine word for such wonderful grandparents as you two, with such wonderful grands.

Blog away, Margie, in your own wonderful style!

Ali said...

So liked your awesome post and the delightfully cute ladybug lunch box. I agree with the others - use whatever words come to mind...we all write in our own style.

Have a great and awesome day!

Merri and Steve said...

Some other "Awesome" words I use so as not to be too mundane (common, ordinary, banal, unimaginative) are...

tight, rad, sweet, fantastic, OMG!

Its so AWESOME we have different way to express ourselves! LOL!!!