Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Yuma to Ehrenberg

Thank you to my newest "Follower" Gypsy G-Mas.  I appreciate you signing on and I hope you will find something interesting within my blog.  Please feel free to make comments.

Yesterday we just hung around the Pilot Knob RV Park and got some laundry done and we washed the motorhome windows inside and out.  They were pretty dirty after our drive down from the rainy and snowy north.  We also got things ready for moving day which was today.

NOTE:  if any of you are planning a trip to the Yuma area, I suggest you visit the Yuma Territorial Prison which is now a state park.  We toured it in 2007 and didn't need to go back, but it is worth a look.  See Chamber of Commerce link.

We got up early so we could get over to Sewmasters in Yuma where we had an appointment for the new window screens and tire covers.  We got there before 8:00 am and parked the MH in front of the building.

While the installer did his work, we took off to McDonald's for a quick breakfast of English muffins and coffee.  Annie waited in the car as she can't drink coffee.  Within an hour they had the work done.  We drove back, paid the bill, hooked up the toad and were on our way out of Yuma. 

We took Hwy. 95 North toward Quartsite.  The drive was easy and we passed some interesting scenery.  The highway wasn't bad, either.  Not a lot of traffic today.

We began to see a few of the wonderful Saguaro cactus along the highway.

About 25 miles south of Quartsite, we got stopped at a Border Patrol check point.  They had drug sniffing dogs walking past all vehicles.  The agent asked where we were headed and we told him Ehrenberg and he just waved us on our way.  Bruce looks pretty suspicious to me, but I guess not to the agent.  :)

We got to our ROD park, Colorado River Oasis in Ehrenberg, AZ and got set up quickly.  Bruce went to work putting up the new window screens.   We got the windshield cover back in 2007 when we bought the Tour and really like it, so we wanted the other windows covered also.  Works great in sunny and warm places to keep the MH cooler.

Later today, I'll take some photos of this nice RV park and post them tomorrow.  So far this park looks like a winner to us.

Until next time.....so long for now!


Gypsy said...

Glad you passed the border guard stop.

Happytrails said...

You will really enjoy those sunscreens! They make such a difference inside the coach. It's amazing how fast they can make them, too. Nice!!

Hope you enjoy the journey and travel safely!!

Paula Rodriguez said...

Whenever I visit your blog, I am so excited reading about your travels and the MH. I would love to save for a small motor home to go camping. They are just so darn expensive. I went for a walk on Saturday and walked right passed an RV dealership and took a peek inside a couple of them.

Oh but the price... doesn't look like I'll have one for a loooong time.

Take care and be safe on the road. Can't wait to see more pictures.

Randy and Pam Warner said...

The shades look great. And the weather looks beautiful.

sue and doug said...

fun in the sun is always a winner in my book!!..tne new shades look great!!!

Karon said...

Your blog is so much fun to read. Glad you are in warmer weather and having a great time. The sun screens look nice.

Safe travels, Karon

The Gypsy G-Mas said...

Thanks for the welcome. I found your blog through someone else who was a follower, but I can't remember who! Anyway, I enjoyed what I read and look forward to following you as you roll down the road. We are in the process of becoming full-timers and hope to be on the road this Spring. In the meantime, we enjoy living vicariously through others who have already made the transition. Thanks for sharing!