Sunday, January 10, 2010

Redlands, CA to Anaheim, CA

Today was another moving day.  We got ourselves and the MH ready by 8:00 am and were on the road toward Anaheim.  Mickey Mouse....Donald Duck....Disneyland?  Not for us this time.  Since Bruce and I were both born and raised in Southern California we've been to D-land so many times that we don't go there anymore unless we take the "Grands."  Our kids were both born and raised here, too, so we've all been here many times prior to moving out of the area in 1993.  We're here this time to visit family and a good friend.

The traffic wasn't bad for southland standards since it was a Sunday morning.  This view on the 91 Freeway, driving through the Santa Ana Canyon, shows the nice view of hillside homes and blue skies. 

We'd stopped along the way to fix breakfast and then pulled into the Anaheim RV Village around 10:30.  This is a refurbished and reopened RV park a short distance to Disneyland.  You could walk to D-land in about 10 to 15 minutes.  We had never stayed at this particular park on 4 previous visits with our motorhome so we wanted to give it a try.

Once we turned off Ball Road to enter the park, we were greeted with wide streets and the park office on the left.  Lots and lots of palm trees, too.  When we made reservations here a couple of months ago we pre-paid as was the park requirement.  The rate here, all taxes included, is $74.75 per day.  High by our standards, that's for sure, but the other 3 parks we've stayed in are equivalent in cost.   After the check-in process we were escorted by a man in a golf cart to site #510.  There are 293 sites total.

The sites are quite close together here as they are at the other parks we've been to in the greater Anaheim area.  We have stayed at Anaheim Harbor RV Park, Anaheim Resort RV Park, and the Orangeland RV Park in the nearby city of Orange.  They all have similar high daily rates and they all jam you in like sardines.  It is a good close-in spot for visiting family or a trip to D-land and that is all most people want here.  

I took a quick tour after we got settled.  Annie wanted to go to the little dog park they have here, although she is really unsettled when she is off-leash.

They have a nice swimming pool, a playground for the kiddies, a laundry room, restrooms, arcade and a small store with RV supplies and gift items.

There is also an RV wash for your convenience.  However, this is left over from the old park and the height clearance is only 12 ft. 5 inch.

The close proximity to area attractions is what makes this nice park so great.  They also have free WiFi for all guests.  You can also buy propane here in the park so there is no need to drive out into the city to find it should you need a refill.  

We have a few things to check out while we'll be in our old stomping grounds.  Then we'll be on our way north to Pismo Beach on Thursday morning.

Until next long for now! 


Gypsy said...

Enjoy your stay there, and I hope you enjoy Pismo Beach as much as Rick and Paulette seemed to. I drove around Los Angeles last year on my maiden voyage west, and that was the first and last time. So I really enjoy reading blogs from the folks who have the nerve to venture there :-)))

Happytrails said...

The park looks very nice. It is a shame the folks that design RV parks sometimes sardine folks in but I guess they figure the more folks in the more money they make.
With that does look very nice.

You all have a great time while you are in the area and enjoy seeing you "old stomping grounds."

Rick and Paulette said...

Thanks for the tour and pics of the RV Park. It's always nice to hear of parks in areas where we just might want to park for a few days. And, we left Pismo Beach in good shape for you Margie. We were parked in site 94 and liked it very much as it was nice and close to everything and it was quiet too.

Jerry and Suzy said...

Your Anaheim park looked good. So glad we don't have to go to D-land anymore. We'd have a major stroke with those rates. Too bad there's not a nice Coast to Coast park close by!

Enjoy visiting with your friends, then head north! Have a safe trip.