Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ehrenerg, AZ to Redlands, CA

Today was moving day.  After doing all the usual stuff folks do in the morning, and then doing all the usual stuff RV folks do to get ready to move, we pulled out of the RV park in Ehrenberg, Arizona.  Weather was good and the traffic on Interstate 10 was light.

After an hour we made a "pit stop" for Annie at a rest area.  A dog on a diuretic cannot be told to wait a while.  She was soon ready to hop back into the motorhome so we could be on our way.  Soon after the pit stop, we saw a view of the Coachella Valley with Mt. San Jacinto in the background. 

We stopped for fuel at the Pilot in North Palm Springs and then drove to the rest area at Whitewater for lunch.  While I fixed us a cheese omelette, Bruce took Annie out for another "pit stop".  Soon enough we were on our way to Redlands.

We are staying here at the Fisherman's Retreat for just 1 night.  It is outside the town of Redlands, which is near San Bernardino.  This park is in our Coast to Coast member system.  Once off the highway, a tree lined entry awaits you.

The nice lady at the office assigned us site #90.  Since it is Saturday, the majority of sites are already occupied by RVer's that arrived on Friday.  We unhooked the toad at the office and we then wound our way through the narrow streets with some tight corners to our site.  The sites are not angled, so you have to back in straight.  Good thing we use walkie talkies for communication.  It relieves me of the task of running around behind the MH waving my arms like a fool when I want Bruce to do something he isn't doing.  As luck would have it at the site next to us there were about 23 people sitting around in their lawn chairs watching our every move.  Bruce looked at that and says to me on the W-T, "at least you won't have anybody watching you."  Fortunately, we backed that 40-footer in perfectly on the first try.  We have had some disasters at times and we've needed to do it over a few times; this time everything worked perfectly.  Thank goodness, since we had quite the audience.  This is our site once we got ourselves positioned.

We took a walk around the park to check it out.  We're only here one night but we like to look things over in case we want a return visit someday.  This is one of the 3 man-made lakes on the property that are stocked with catfish and trout.  This is an older park that sits in the middle of the San Timoteo Canyon.  From the lake area you can see some of the RV's below.

There is also a nice lakeside cafe that was open for business with light meals for purchase.  Although the "Grands" aren't with us, we saw there was a nice playground for children, and a nice looking swimming pool as well.

We have full hook-ups, 30 am electric, and in spite of the tight spaces, we would come back here again.  If we were to give it a grade like a school teacher, we would give it a C+.  Tomorrow morning we'll be leaving and driving to Anaheim in Orange County for a 4 night stay.  We've selected a new to us RV park so I'll give you a tour once we get settled there.

Until next long for now! 



Gypsy said...

Good for both of you! I'm so glad you got the MH backed in perfectly on the first try, which isn't easy to do with an audience. Congratulations.

Cindy said...

My niece lives in Redland now. Glad to see the scenery out there and the info on the RV park.
Cindy and Walker

Happytrails said...

We don't have that much experience yet but I can only imagine how uncomfortable it is when you have an audience watching when you park. Good for you all!! I'm sure we have that coming at some point.

The park looks nice. Love that entrance. Enjoy and drive safely.

Jerry and Suzy said...

So glad you found at least a C+ at Fisherman's Retreat. We must have had a fluke when we were there. Safe travels, let's see what's up next!