Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stormy Day

We did not take our normal 1-hour walk this morning.  I had to get to my Weight Watcher meeting by 8:00 am.  Plus, it was cold and very windy.  The rain didn't arrive for today until about 9:00 am, but then it really became quite a storm.  By the afternoon we even had some thunder and lightning, which is somewhat unusual for this central coast area.

We did get outdoors around 3:00 pm when the rain let up, and we took a 30-minute walk around the RV park.  I prefer walking out into the town, but when the sky was looking "iffy" we didn't want to chance it and be 2 miles away when the rain blew in again. 

I took my camera down to the dunes to try and get a photo of the waves and the tide surge we were experiencing.  The lagoon that lies right outside the park grounds, on the beach side, was very high today.  Good day for ducks. 

My Pismo Photo of the Day:

As I was walking back to the motorhome, I came across this cute dog I hadn't seen here before today.  His name is Rocky and I talked with his owner for minute or two.  He is a Doxie, but in a color pattern I had never seen before.  I've seen brown and I've seen black....long hair and short hair....but I've never seen one with mixed markings like these.  What a cutie, and he knew it!

Pismo Coast Village will allow up to 3 dogs with each RV that checks in.  There are some breed restrictions the same as many parks have begun to enforce now.  This is a very dog friendly (and people friendly, too) park.  When we were here in 2008 a large RV group was here from some type of Great Dane club.  Wow, you should have seen those huge, beautiful dogs.  I talked with one couple in an Airstream trailer and they had 3 of the large beauties with them.  Annie gets underfoot sometimes in our motorhome,  so I cannot imagine how I'd cope with 3 Great Danes inside this RV.  They must really need a big pooper-scooper with that trio!  Thanks, but no thanks.  :)

Until next time.....so long for now!


Rick and Paulette said...

That's a great picture of Pismo Beach! I love that view of the ocean and the pier. We had a lot of rain here in Desert Hot Springs today but we were gone for most of it. We drove down to Hemet and Temecula and experienced heavy rain, flooding you name it. I'll be posting the pics on tomorrow's blog. It was quite a day!

Phyllis said...

A few years ago we saw a couple walking 2 Golden Retrievers around the RV park. We got talking to them and found out it was not 2 dogs they were walking but FIVE! They were show dogs and they were in the area for competition. We were in PA, the people were from NC. I could not imagine 5 large does in a 32 ft fifth wheel.

Margie, I have been concerned when I see all the reports of storms in California. Are you in a safe area?

Margie M. said...

Thanks for your concern, Phyllis. We are safe here in this area. To my knowledge there has been no flooding or landslides in the central coast area of California. We woke up this morning (Wed) to thunderstorms and heavy rain. The only one bothered by this seems to be Annie! I'll post more about this today on the blog.

Jerry and Suzy said...

We're half a day behind you in the weather. Had a big rain and wind storm overnight, but this morning (9:00) it's beautiful. Wet, but beautiful. Another big one due in tonight.