Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Colorado River Oasis RV Resort

Yesterday afternoon we checked into the Colorado River Oasis RV Resort.  It is a Western Horizons Resort that accepts affiliates from Coast to Coast and Resorts of Distinction (ROD) and maybe others, I don't know for sure.  It is located at exit 1, off Interstate 10 in Ehrenberg, Arizona.  We checked in for a 4-night stay with our ROD membership which was FREE for us.  As I did in Winterhaven, however, I opted to pay $3.00 per night for a 50-amp space.  Well worth it.  If we took a 30-amp site, the cost would have been completely free. 

We'd never been here before and wanted to check it out for further snow bird journeys.  We were greeted at the street with a nice sign and beyond that, a well kept office.  The folks in the office were helpful and friendly.  That to me is always a positive sign that we'll probably be having a good time in their park.

They assigned us site #17 in a park with 174 spaces.  Our site is a long pull through and roomy enough for both large slides without cramping our neighbor.  This is the site next to ours.

The interior roads are well maintained and very wide.  There are several back in sites around 2 sides of the park, and one of those sides backs right up to the Colorado River.   Very nice.

This morning while Bruce washed the motorhome, I took my camera out and did a little exploring on my own.  There is one large main clubhouse with a meeting hall, computer station with Wi-Fi for a fee, laundry room and vending machines.  Toward the west of the park is an Activity Center with pool tables and a library.  This is where the group card games take place also.

I walked up the short hill toward the office and pool area.  This is the view from the pool deck.

The pool here at Colorado River Oasis was beautiful and sparkling clean.  3 brave souls were in the heated pool during the morning hours.  It was still a bit chilly for me, I like the air temperature to be warmer and the pool water to be VERY warm.  It was an inviting pool, though, and a nice spa was available too.

We will certainly come back in the future to stay for a longer time at this park.   We enjoy a quieter life than we found in Palm Springs and Desert Hot Springs areas.  In Palm Springs even the seasoned RVer can find enough events and activities to keep them busy.  Palm Springs has a lot of shopping opportunities and restaurant opportunities....neither of which do we need or want.  So why put up with the heavier traffic if we don't want to utilize the amenities of that desert town?  This RV resort gets a thumbs-up from us.

In December I was contacted by e-mail from Mark at RV Resources, an RV website.  He asked if I would permit them to list my RV blog on their site as "January RV Blog of the Month".   Sure, I wrote back.  Why not?  I was surprised to say the least.  I looked through their Blog of the Month archives and saw a few of our fellow RV bloggers had already been given this distinction.  That's great and I concur...their blogs are worthy of the "of the month" title.   My blog is nothing that extraordinary, but I was pleased that somebody out their in cyber-land had seen my blog and wanted to feature it.  Thanks, RV Resources for the opportunity to further share my blog with others.    

Until next long for now!


Gypsy said...

Congratulations on being January's RV Blog of the Month! You have a great blog and deserve the honor.

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Another great blog, Margie... nice pics and a good description of that RV resort. I like blogs like yours that give a good picture of what we might find if we want to go there too. Thanks for posting!

sue and doug said...

congrats on being the January Blog of the month!!..good for you..I can only hope that one day I will be a blog of the month!!!

Happytrails said...

Congratulations on your blog being chosen the January Blog of the Month. Great choice!! Thanks for your great postings!!

Jerry and Suzy said...

We'll add our congratulations to the list!

We have enjoyed Colorado River Oasis a number of times. We agree about not needing or even wanting the big city atmosphere in the Palm Springs area, altho we know a lot of folks do like it. But golly, from your park you can even cross the border to Blythe, CA -- which our daughters used to call "Blot" when their grandfather lived there for a short time. Not much to see and do in Blot, but there are some great attractions not far away.

Rick and Paulette said...

Congrats Margie on being chosen "Blog of the Month", you deserve it. Looks like you have a very nice park there, thanks for the tour and pics.

April said...

The pool looks very inviting.This is a nice RV resort. Me and and a bunch of other backpackers will be sure to drop by this place when we're in town. Thanks for posting all the lovely pictures!!!Great blog!

Anonymous said...

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