Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saturday at the Flea Market

This morning we had to get up early.  We set our clocks on Arizona time even though we are staying in California.  Winterhaven is so close to Yuma, everyone here just goes by AZ time.  So even though the clock read 6:00, it was in reality 5:00 am in California.  I wanted to make the 8:00 meeting of Weight Watchers over in Yuma.

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After the "official January weigh-in", we drove over to McDonald's and had some English muffins and coffee for breakfast.  After we got a 3rd refill of coffee, we took that one with us and set out for the Flea Market, otherwise known as The Arizona Market Place.

We'd come here in 2007 and had fun browsing the stalls.   There really isn't anything that needful, it is just fun to poke around in all the vendor stalls.  We needed to buy a ticket from this young lady to get gain entry.  50 cents a piece.

There are many different vendors here, most of which we have no interest in.  We did make a few small purchases.  Bruce bought some of those bungy-ball cord things he uses to hold together the water hoses and so forth.  He's always finding some use for them.  He got a bundle of 5 for $2.00. 

Bruce caught my photo as I was browsing through a purse vendor's stall.  Didn't buy it.  I also checked out some of the housewares...didn't buy those either.  I did find a plastic indoor thermometer I wanted.  And I found a nifty net tote bag for $1.50.  I can use it for lots of things.  At one of the produce vendor stalls I did buy a Honey Dew Melon, a bunch of radishes, a jicama, and a large Butternut squash....$3.90 for all.

There were also several stalls with RV supplies, outdoor mats, patio chairs and back support thingys.  We saw a fake flower stall.  Colorful stuff but we certainly don't need any of that! 

They have a few food vendors here also.  You can buy hot dogs and hamburgers and they have tables and benches for you.  The entire area is flat and level and totally wheelchair and scooter friendly.  I even spied a Handicap Restroom.   Over the loud speaker, occasionally a person will call out the winning numbers.  These are the numbers you find on your entry ticket stub.  They have drawings for prizes donated by the vendors.   Most of the prizes were nothing we'd need but Bruce checked our 2 ticket winning numbers for us.

We had a fun day just messing around.  We aren't in Yuma for much in the way of sightseeing.  Just killing time until we go over on Tuesday to get our window screens made.  Yuma is an OK place, but I can't really see us coming here anytime in the near future.  We'll leave it to the snowbirds that come here every season.  Enjoy!

Until next long for now!


Rick and Paulette said...

Thanks for the heads up on the market, Margie. I just know Paulette will want to check that out for sure! We're just about to pack up and leave for Pismo Village RV Park. We're really looking forward to this as neither of us has been down that way before.

Teri & Mark said...

Shoppers Paradise, I would need my blinders on for sure.

April said...

Wow,good news! A flea market is just what I need for my backpacking adventures. Now, I can get affordable souvenirs when I'm in Arizona and give it to my folks back home.I like your blog,it has great pictures and its quite informative!