Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pismo Coast Village RV Resort

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We checked into site #145 here at Pismo Coast Village on Thursday afternoon.  We got the best site we've ever had, which is nice since we'll be here for 41 days.  Each site has a concrete fire ring and a picnic table.  All sites on the south side of the park (where we are) have been refurbished for 50 amp service.  This year the sites on the north side of the park will begin refurbishment to bring them up to 50 amp electric and they will get new landscaping and crushed gravel pads as well.  

After we got settled, I took Annie for a nice walk and brought the camera with me.  I want to show everyone what this nice park looks like.  There is a large patio area with a well-stocked General Store.  Visitor mail is also accepted here at the store for resort guests.

To the left in the General Store photo is the Clubhouse and Arcade building.  Inside the Clubhouse is a very small trading library.  There are long tables for games, crafts, and social gatherings.  There is also a small restuarant with BBQ fare beside the Cluhouse.
Across from the General Store is the laundry room.  This is always clean and there are plenty of washers and dryers.  In the center of all these buildings is a large patio.  You can see some steps in front of the General Store.  There are handicap accessible ramps to allow all guests to gain entry to the buildings.

This is the beautiful, refurbished pool area.  The pool is heated all year.  The new fence enclosure was added in 2009.

You can also rent bicycles (low riders and surrey) and play mini-golf if you choose.
In the background of this photo you can see the observation deck.  You can access this by a ramp and sit up there and watch the sunset every night.

There is also a fish cleaning station next to the path that goes out to the public beach across the dunes. 

This is one of the streets in the south section of the resort.

This resort is within walking distance of the little town of Pismo Beach and the pier.  I'll post more about the town at a future date. 

Pismo Coast Village is 26 acres of oceanfront property.  The resort is owned by shareholders but is also open to the general public.  Out of the 400 campsites available, some are held back for shareholders and some are held for the general public.  Rates for the public are $38 to $56 per night.  Corporate shares are sold and that entitles the buyer to 45 days of free camping per calendar year.  You can purchase up to 3 shares (no more by corporate bylaws) and you receive 45 free days for each share.  There are no annual dues and no fees.  Once you purchase the share, you pay no more.  The camping fees that the general public pay, plus the revenue generated by the RV storage facility, cover all costs of operation.  You can sell your share at any time for the going price, or you can will them to your family.  Bruce and I inherited 1 share of stock and we purchased a second when we sold our home.  So, we can stay here at the resort for 90 days per year.   It works for us.

NOTE:  Although this is a first class resort, it does not have the "snob factor" as I'll call it.  Some new resorts will not allow RV's over 10 years old to enter their hallowed grounds.  Not so here at Pismo Village.  As long as your RV is in good condition and reasonably clean, you can come here and enjoy the facilities.  If you pull up and you have your bumper held on with wire, your windows are broken and you have blue tarps covering the roof, you may not be allowed to become a guest.  But, just because your RV is a little older doesn't mean it will be turned away.  Makes sense to me.  I don't know too many folks that will trade a perfectly wonderful RV in on the purchase of a new one just to beat that 10-year rule we see in some parks. 

"Forever Summer" is the resort motto.  That's because normally the weather is very mild, even in the winter.  We are due for a big storm this coming week and a lot of rain is expected.  It will clear out soon enough and be sunny and warm again I'm sure.

Until next long for now!  



Jerry and Suzy said...

Looks like a nice park. Thanks for the word and picture tour!

Rick and Paulette said...

It was great seeing your pictures of Pismo Beach - we sure liked it there and will be returning. I didn't know that about the shares and how the park was owned and operated - interesting.

The Gypsy G-Mas said...

Looks like a great park, in a great location. The shares are an interesting concept and the idea of having a "prepaid" site for awhile is certainly appealing. Enjoy your time there!