Friday, May 21, 2010

Showing Independence

This is post #2 for today.....this stuff is just piling up and I have to get it on tonight.  Read the first one for an idea on a great BBQ restaurant.

With this post, I just wanted to share my final photos of the Independence, Missiouri Historic District.  We enjoyed walking through the town everyday, even on the overcast days.  There were several streets of grand historic homes, including the Truman home which I have already shown.  On the sidewalk in front of these homes would be a plaque telling why the home was significant.  Most of the names meant nothing to us, but the homes were fun to look at.  I took the camera with us on an early morning walk and caught a sunbeam shining down from Heaven between 2 houses.  (click photos for a larger view)

Then a few streets over from the historic homes was the Historic Business District.  Most of the shops are occupied by a business and very few stand empty.  Again, we were early so I could take the photos without cars parked in front of everything, although some were already there!

The stately courthouse sits in the center of this district.  I read that it was modeled after Independence Hall in Philadelphia.  Good old Harry S. Truman stands at the end of the building.  He took daily walks throughout the town his whole life.

On a corner in the Historic Business District is Clinton's Soda Shoppe.  This is the place where Harry Truman worked at his first job.  Bruce and I walked over one afternoon to get an ice cream cone.  The inside of the shoppe was decorated as it was back in Harry's day.  They still have the long counter with the stools to sit on.  In fact, a customer was sitting on one when we walked in.  In the back are a few booths and tables and we sat back there.   They had a guest registration book and I signed us in from Tumwater, Washinton.

One of the more unusual sights we saw in Independence rose 300 feet into the air.  It was the Temple for the Community of Christ.  It is also the world headquarters for this church.  I had no idea what the Community of Christ was so I Googled it.  This church was formerly known as the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Somewhere along the line they changed the name to Community of Christ, an off-shoot (I guess) from the regular Mormon religion.  They have a bunch of stuff there you can see....we did not take the time for it.  Their Temple sure was awesome, though.  At night it is all lit up and shines so brightly.  You could see it right from the street in the RV park.  I tried to get a pic at night but it wouldn't come out.  Mormons have a very strong history in this area of Missouri and there are several places to see relating to that history. 

Hope you enjoyed these final photos of Independence. 
Until next long for now!


Judy and Emma said...

I had a butterscotch sundae when I stopped at Clinton's Soda Shop. It was pretty good. I guess I missed the church when I was there.

Jerry and Suzy said...

Fascinating spiral to that temple spire! Looks as if folks can walk up a ramp inside and look out the windows.

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Oh such pretty historic houses! I love those Victorian "Painted Ladies" is what the were called. Thanks for the tour!

Karen and Steve
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