Friday, May 7, 2010

Hwy. 50 -- On To Cincinnati, Ohio

There was no place to really get a good walk done this morning since this campground is very small.  So, we just got ourselves ready to go, ate our oatmeal breakfast, and were on the road around 8:15.  Today's leg of the trip would take us the short distance west to Cincinnati, Ohio.

The road west from the campground in Chillicothe took us through lush farmlands.  We saw many farmers out on their tractors plowing or doing all of that stuff farmers do.  Obviously, I'm no farmer!  There were a lot of sheep, goats and cows grazing in the pastures.  The treacherous curves of the Allegheny Mountains are long behind us and US Highway 50 looks like this now.  There are a lot of cornfields that run parallel to some low hills.

There were still a few curves to make us slow down from 50 mph to 25 mph, but no steep grades today.

Along the way we passed many small Ohio towns that looked a bit like this one called Hillsboro.  The Main Street area was pretty and felt "old-timey" to us.

Just east of Cincinnati is the small town of Milford.  This town looked like it was right out of a movie scene.  There were tree lined roads and beautiful homes to see.  This is Hwy. 50 right through part of Milford. 

We could have taken I-275 for a faster trip to our RV park in North Bend, but we stuck with Hwy. 50 through Cincinnati. It was well marked and we had no problem following the signs leading the way. Here, the highway is called the Columbia Parkway.   The Hwy. took a turn right down to run along by the Ohio River.  Here you can see Kentucky in the distance.  The river separates Kentucky from Ohio here. 

The road narrowed a bit from time to time....went down to 1 lane going west at times due to cars parked along the curb.  Just west of Cincinnati we drove under this roadway for a few blocks before beginning to follow the river again.  Our RV park is in North Bend, which is west of the 'big city' and near the border with Indiana.

By the time you read this we will be on our way to the baseball game.  It will be the Cincinnati Reds vs the Chicago Cubs.  We were planning to go tomorrow night, but the weather is supposed to be cooler tomorrow night so we changed our plans.  

I will make an RV Park Review post at some point during our 5-day stay in North Bend/Cincinnati.  Hope everyone is having a good day.

Until next long for now!  


Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

We love your travels and pictures it feels like were riding with you.Thanks

Carol K said...

I enjoyed your tour of Hwy 50. I like traveling on the smaller roads because I like to see the towns and the "old-timey" main streets. Those roads are sometimes slower and unpredictable, so Dave is an interstate man all the way.

Happytrails said...

Have lots of fun at the baseball game! :)
I agree with Carol K....I like the smaller roads whenever it is possible. Much more enjoyable.
Thanks for the tour of Hwy 50.

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Rick and Paulette said...

Like the others have already said, it was nice to see your tour of Hwy. 50. Great ballgame you're going to see - I'd love to see the Reds and Cubs play! Did you happen to see how much a hot dog costs at the ballpark? Just curious.

Jerry and Suzy said...

We also love the "blue roads" as our late friend Dave Baleria used to call them. Nice thing -- you can change your mind when you want to and do something that sounds better than the "plan."

Bdubba said...

You're up in my neck of the woods. Most of Ohio is small town-y like what you drove through. Those "big cities" that have grown from those small towns make open air shopping places to regain the feel. That's for the pics that take me back home. I hope you enjoy your time there. La Rosas pizza is worth the points and a Cincy favorite!

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