Monday, May 3, 2010

Busy Day And Then A Whoopin' At Cards

I would like to welcome a new "Follower" to my travel blog.  THANK YOU  HappyTrails,GA for joining my group.  I appreciate the attention you give to reading about our RV lifestyle.

My cold has taken a bit of my energy the past couple of days.  This morning we slept through until 7:30, which is unusual for us.  We usually set our alarm for 6:00 am.  We had a busy day planned which started out with a breakfast trip to McDonald's.  No silly cold will keep me from McDonald's and the English muffin breakfast.

After breakfast we had to travel over to Roanoke to drop Annie at the Petco for her "hair-do" appointment.  She's never too pleased about having to endure that torture.  She always feels better when it is over and she is all clean and fresh again.  We would be picking her up around 3:00.

While Annie was at the beauty spa, we took a trip to Walmart for a few groceries and to get my sunglasses repaired.  They had fallen apart.  We also stopped to get the car washed at the $3.00 drive thru place.  We don't pay much for a car wash since we tow the car behind the MH and it gets dirty quickly.   Then we were requested to stop by Lisa's house and visit with Nicholas and Natalie for a while.  They wanted to show us all their "stuff" just like we'd never seen it before.  We humored them with all of that.  Later, Gail (their grandma) told me they all found a snake in the backyard where we had been sitting.  Glad I was gone before he came slithering through.

We picked Annie up at 3:00 and she looked so nice.  They did a good job on her.  We brought her home and she immediately took a nap on the rug.   It was an exhausting day for her.

This evening we went to Gail and Rick's to play a couple of games of Hand and Foot.  Gail and I were partners and we tried hard but Bruce and Rick whooped us bad.  Both games.  We may have one more chance Tuesday evening to try and win at least one game.  We'll be leaving on Wednesday.

I know a lot of folks have been having horrible weather....rain and tornadoes....but we were lucky here, and avoided it in the Salem/Roanoke area.  Who knows what will happen now as we begin to head through the midwest states?  Hopefully, nothing.

Until next long for now!


Happytrails said...

Annie really looked worn out but absolutely beautiful.

Hand and Foot is a game we need to learn. I hear it is popular with the full-time crowd.

Glad you escaped the bad weather. It has really been rough here but not as bad as in some areas.

Safe travels,
Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Look's like a serious card game, Donna is the card player in this family, Sam will have to learn, he even gets beat at war & fish with his grandson. Have a great time, wish we could say we were joining you soon, but life will go on till the house is gone. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Rick and Paulette said...

The first thing our Molly does after enduring a day at the groomers is head for her favourite sleeping spot. It must be a lot more traumatic for dogs than we realize. Sure hope you continue to avoid all the nasty weather back east.

Anonymous said...

Annie is so cute. It is stressful getting the dogs groomed on the road. Dog grooming and haircuts are my biggest fears. I love Hand and Foot , our friends and us really get into it, but the guys usually beat us, somehow. I think they cheat. :)