Tuesday, May 11, 2010

RV PARK REVIEW: Indian Springs Campground, North Bend, Ohio

We selected this campground because of its proximity to the city of Cincinnati, Ohio.  It only takes us about 15 or 20 minutes to get into the city on the freeway.  When we need to leave Annie behind in the RV and then get back to her for potty-walks, we cannot have an hour drive each way.  We found this campground listed in the Trailer Life Directory.   It is the Indian Springs Campground.  It is located in the suburb of North Bend.

As you pull into the entry drive there is nothing spectacular to welcome you, but the driveway is wide and there is room enough to park by the office and allow cars to pass by.  The interior roads are gravel and dirt and in good condition.  This is the campground office.  There was a nice man inside who handled our reservation and check-in easily.

They have 73 sites here at Indian Springs including 13 pull-thrus.  We took a back in site by the lake.  It had full hook-ups and 50 amp service.  We do not mind backing into a site, especially if we plan to stay for a few days.  Here is the row of pull-thru sites and our site with the playground beside us.   We did not mind having the playground next to us.  There were a few children camping this weekend and we could hear them laughing and playing.  The day when I am too grumpy to enjoy the laughter of children in a campground is the day I want to hang up our wheels!

This is the view of the lake from our living room window.  It is a little man-made lake that the ducks really enjoy.  There are fishing and boating activities available for guests.

They have a game room, laundry room, and another as an exercise room....all locked up and you have to get a key for entry.  I guess they have their reasons for this, but it is not convenient in my opinion.  The right side photo is the bath house.  I checked out the ladies side and it was weird.  Very, very clean but the set up is weird.  They have the toilets and the sink in one room with it's own door and then in a separate room via another outside door is the tiny shower room.  I didn't think this is real convenient for guests either. 

They also have some sites that seem to be used mainly by long term guests.  These run along the side of the lake to the back of the campground. 

We paid the Good Sam rate of $34.20 per night.  Due to the close location to Cincinnati, it was worth the price to us and from our experience seems to be reasonable for such locations.  We would stay at this campground again if we came back to the area.  An important fact to note, however, is that this campground sits right next to I-275 and you do hear a good bit of the speeding traffic noise.  We can live with that bit of news being here for the short term, but we would never select this campground as a place we would spend several weeks.

Hope everyone has a great week.
Until next time.....so long for now!

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