Thursday, May 28, 2009

Twitter anyone ?

I've read a lot of articles lately on "twittering". I know that Twitter is all the rage with folks across the nation --- young and old, celebrity or ordinary Joe. Personally, I don't Twitter. There is nothing wrong with being a twitter freak, but it just isn't for me. First of all, I wouldn't know where to begin as I'm a real dud with technology. I'm doing good just to get this blog out there! My days aren't that exciting normally and my twittering would probably go something like this:

6:30 am - Alarm went off and I just stumbled out of bed.

7:00 am - I managed to get dressed and I am out the door for a one-hour walk.

8:00 am - Back now, and I got a few more bug bites on the walk.

11:09 am - We're on our way to Costco up in Brandon. It's 30 miles from here.

11:15 am - I'm scratching my bug bites.

11:34 am - I'm eating a Costco Hot Dog for lunch. I'll hate myself tomorrow morning when I step on the scale.

1:30 pm - We just bought salmon, granola bars and Tide at Costco.

2:00 pm - Had to stop at the Rest Area on way home, needed to use the bathroom.

2:10 pm - I'm scratching my bug bites.

3:00 pm - Took Annie for a walk and all she did was want to come back. It is too hot.

4:00 pm - I'm scratching my bug bites.

4:30 pm - Just ate a granola bar for snack.

5:01 pm - Looked out the window and saw some nice squirrels running around the lawn.

6:00 pm - We're eating dinner now....salmon, corn on the cob and carrots with zucchini.

6:10 pm - Went to get the anti-itch cream because I keep scratching my bug bites.

7:00 pm - Big thunderstorm just struck and Annie wants to hide her head from the sound of it.

8:00 pm - I'm watching Law and Order SVU on television.

8:10 pm - I'm still scratching my bug bites....the cream didn't work well.

9:00 pm - Playing Backgammon with Bruce.

10:30 pm - Went to bed. Still scratching my bug bites.

11:10 pm - The phone just rang. It was from a friend at church in Tumwater. She forgot about the 3 hour time difference and it was only 8:10 where she was.

11:20 pm - Trying to get back to sleep after the phone call. Bug bites still itching.

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