Saturday, May 16, 2009

Big Cypress Preserve, part 2

This part 2 of our trip into Big Cypress: As we drove along the dirt road, the canal was on my side of the car and I would do my best to find the alligators partially hidden in the thick jungle of trees.

Judging from the size of this guy, we thought he looked like an older baby. He was sitting very still but held his head up without moving it. Maybe he spotted something for his lunch and was waiting for it to come closer.
I loved the look of this one. He reminded me of the gators from the old Tarzan movies I used to watch. They would lie in wait in the rivers with only part of their bodies exposed. Sometimes (but not in this case) all you can see are 2 eyes and part of a snout sticking out of the water.
Bruce decided we needed a closer look at this guy and he got out of the car to peer over the edge of the canal to snap this photo. I wanted to smack him !! Gators can move very fast and I wasn't sure this was a very good idea.
Once again, here are two friends just hanging out together. I don't know what alligators usually do except sit around waiting for a meal I guess.

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