Thursday, May 21, 2009

Juno Beach, Florida...and then we change our plans.

North of West Palm Beach is the small, coastal town of Juno Beach. This little trip was part of our journey from Wauchula to see the Atlantic Ocean. Juno Beach is a beautiful place....and one we had never heard of before.

Annie, the Schnauzer, loves to go places in the car with us. When we pack up a picnic lunch for ourselves, we always include a treat for her. She enjoys being a day-tripper and she looks out her window to see the ocean. We do not allow her to ride with her head out of the window as she has eye problems.

This is Juno Beach. It is quite beautiful. Since we had just come through a huge thunderstorm, there were few swimmers or folks on the beach. Lightening can sure clear out a beach !!

This is the Juno Beach pier. As you can see, the storm clouds are brewing offshore once again.

A last look at Juno Beach and we decide to make our way back to our RV park in Wauchula.

After our day on the Atlantic coast, we began to think again about where we were going from here. When we first planned this trip we thought going out to the Florida Keys was too far away. Well, we got bored with the south-central portion of the state and wanted to do something more exciting. So we took a couple of day trips to the Atlantic coast and that just wasn't enough. So we changed our plans! (we do that a lot)
This morning (Thursday) we pulled out of the RV park in Wauchula and headed for Florida City, which is just directly south of Homestead. You remember Homestead??? That is the area that was decimated by Hurricane Andrew several years ago. Today there is little evidence of that devastation, although we did see a couple of spots that were left over from that time as homesites were still empty with no rebuilding going forward.
We got a site for 4 nights at the Goldcoaster RV Resort in Florida City. While here in this town we will take 3 day trips. One to the end of the Keys, a second to the Everglades National Park, and a third over to Miami Beach and the South Beach area. Then on Monday we will leave here and head back north to the town of Bradenton on the Gulf Coast.
Tomorrow....the Florida Keys, all the way to Key West. We'll be gone for about 10 hours so Annie will go with us. Afternoon thunderstorms are predicted. Yippee.

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