Friday, May 22, 2009

In Key West, part 3

In the middle of Key West, on Truman Avenue, is the official "Mile O" marker to signify the beginning of Highway 1. Conceivably, you could take this same Highway 1 all the way to Maine.
Here is an ordinary neighborhood on an ordinary street in the town of Key West, not far from the beach.
This is Duval Street which has been overrun by tacky souvenir shops according to our Moon Travel Guide. If you want crummy T-shirts and a wide variety of flip-flop stores, this is your place. Plus, any type of bikini swim suit you could want. It is still a great place for aimless wandering and people watching. You can also find a large number of restaurants and several bars to serve you.

Here is one of the nicer restaurants on Duval Street.

On our walk through the tourist area, we passed this bar which was open to the street. Even at 10:00 am the bar had many patrons plus a lively Elvis impersonator. So I stopped to snap a photo of good old Bobby J, but as I took it he stuck the microphone up in front of his face.

You never know what you might find in some places. Since we had Annie with us, we couldn't go into the bar to really listen.

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