Friday, May 22, 2009

In Key West, part 2

We got into the center of town on Key West and immediately found a parking lot down by Mallory Square. We wanted to find a place to eat our lunch and this seemed like a good one. As we enjoyed our picnic lunch we had a wonderful view of the Gulf of Mexico.

Here was our view during our lunch break ------

One of the famous landmarks in Key West is this marker indicating that this is the Southernmost Point in the continental United States. I had to take a picture to prove we'd been here.

If you could see it...Cuba is only 90 miles away in the distance.

This is the view of South Street as seen from the "Southernmost Point" marker. It is a very nice neighborhood with beautiful homes.

It was 91 degrees and fairly humid in Key West today. We managed just fine and so did our Annie. We took her water bowl and a jug of water with us as we walked about the town. It did feel good, though, when we got back to the car and that sweet air conditioning!

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