Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Stumbling Block with Insurance

Well, things were going too good to be true. Today the insurance company called a halt to the work on our motorhome until an adjuster comes to look. They could have decided to do this on Monday when we contacted them. Now the RV is all torn apart and we cannot get it back to sleep in it. So, we're stuck at the Super 8 for at least 3 more nights.

Insurance will only pay for 5 nights at the motel and we will now run over that time frame. Gee....they could have saved us all this trouble by saying they wanted an adjuster to come out BEFORE the motorhome was torn apart to repair it. We understand the need for the adjuster, our complaint is how they went about getting that started. When will the adjuster get here???? We have no clue. Our agent had left the office for the day after we got word of this and we have to wait until tomorrow morning to talk with him.

Gilda Radner said, "It's Always Something" and she was so right!

I've got a giant headache now. Good thing I got the Tylenol out of the RV and brought it to the motel with us. Something told me I'd be needing it before this nightmare is over.

Check back tomorrow for the continuing saga of "the moldy motorhome".

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