Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday...a Lazy Day at Home

After a couple of days stressed out over our dear Annie, we just hung out at home today. There was a light rain falling early this morning and we didn't even go out for our early walk. After our breakfast of oatmeal with blueberries, we gave Annie the Schnauzer her 3 new medications for her heart problems. She munched those right down after I stuck them into a small piece of fat-free cheese.

Annie has been listless today, taking naps much of the time. Dr. Mitchell said she might be like that for a few days while her body adjusts to the Digitalis. We're giving her all the time she needs, letting her call the shots on what she wants to do.

We ate a Weight Watcher approved sandwich wrap for lunch (still getting those Disney World pounds off) and watched the movie Ocean's 12. It was a good movie, but a bit confusing sometimes with so many characters. It wasn't raining after lunch so we were able to take off for our 1 hour walk at that time. Gotta get those miles in, 6 days a week, whenever possible.

I also got caught up with the laundry by doing 3 tubs of clothes in our little Splendide. I love my little washer and dryer. A few chores here and there today, but mostly reading and watching TV.

After our walk, I began reading the book "Google Blogger for DUMMIES." Please bear with me as I try to improve my blog in the days to come. There are so many things to learn to make it more interesting for my loyal readers. I'm doing my best to figure out the best gadgets to add (or not) and to make mine as interesting as those I'm following as far as the RV life goes. I really enjoy all those blogs on the RV life, fulltimers or part timers.

The sun is shining here in Tumwater this evening. The rain is gone and the sky is a beautiful blue. Life in the Pacific Northwest during the summer months cannot be beat. Still can't keep us here all year, though, as we are always planning a new trip. Love this fulltime RV life!

Until next long for now!


squawmama said...

Hi Margie, My thoughts where with your little Anni today too... I hope she is doing well. We all have a few of those lazy days too from time to time... and we can cause we are in no hurry anymore right? Have a great day!

Travel Safe

Jerry and Suzy said...

Margie, we're trying to do some updating on our blog too - we'll look for the Dummies book!

But don't worry, your blogs are plenty interesting, and don't add too many gadgets. For example, hit counters are for your pleasure only and don't add a thing for your readers. Keep it simple but attractive, and just talk about what you are doing or have done. We love it!