Thursday, August 6, 2009

Good to Go Now...PTL

Bright and early this morning the insurance adjuster was at the Winnebago Customer Service center to look at our motorhome. We felt sure that he would agree that we had a valid claim, but you always have that little bit of nagging doubt until you know for sure.

After the inspection by the adjuster, he came out to the waiting area with Winnebago's insurance rep. It was agreed that our claim was valid and the work could now continue. Praise the Lord for that. The adjuster verified that there was no way, as owners, we could have known or foreseen the leaking problem that resulted in the mold contamination. The work being done will amount to something around $10,000 by the time they get the second slide section finished. We have a $500 deductible as our responsibility. Fine and dandy.

They will still have a few days work to do on the RV, but we are content to sit and wait since the cost to us will be minimal now.

Until next long for now.


Jerry and Suzy said...

Margie - hallelujah! It's always good when someone else agrees to take the hit! Yes, it's awkward and bothersome to have to wade through all the BS and finger pointing, but when it works, it's sweet!

How well we remember Forest City and the service center! Our Itasca Suncruiser has been there a couple of times.

Thanks for following us -- looks like we'll follow you.

Anonymous said...

GM, I just ran across your blog so thought I would say hello. Sorry to hear about your problems you had with your Tour. We have a 40', 2007 and we love it. We haven't had any major problems with it. But, our friends have a Horizon and ended up going to Forest City to have everything fixed and it was a long list. One of them being a leaking slide.They did get everything fixed though and were very happy with the outcome.
We our part timers in the RV, we live in Florida in the winter and travel America the rest of the year. Well, good luck with RV and I'll be back soon.

Happy Trails,

Margie M. said...

Nice to have new followers, thanks for looking in. I love to read fellow RVer's blogs; very interesting stuff. Great photos, too. It's one way we get ideas on where to go and what to see.

Happy Trails to all.