Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cleaning the Ultra Leather Couch

I just found a comment from Margie & Roger on my blog regarding the cleaning of the ultra leather couch. What did we use?

I wasn't sure what to use. We'd used a leather cleaner we got with the motorhome originally and it didn't seem to do anything productive. The couch material isn't "real leather" by definition I guess.

Next, I posted the question on how to clean it on forums. I got tons of answers and I mulled them all over before deciding. One lady that made a lot of sense to me said to use a solution of Ivory dish liquid and water, rinse with clean water and then dry. We didn't have Ivory on hand but we did have Dawn dish washing liquid (blue kind).

I mixed up a solution of about 2 Tbsp. dish liquid with a bucket of water and set Bruce to work with a nylon brush. Then he rinsed with cold, clean water and dried with a soft towel. Looked great! Then a couple of days later we got some Armorall wipes and used them to sort of condition the "leather". I think we've found the product to use from now on. Easy, cheap and the results were great.

Sorry, Margie and Roger about the slow reply to your question, but I just saw the comment today.

NOTE: when we still had our sticks-n-bricks house I had the carpet cleaned by a local company. When they were leaving the guy gave me a booklet they had prepared with all sorts of stains listed and how to clean them. One of the most common items listed as a cleaning solution in this booklet was Dawn dishwashing liquid (the blue kind). It was even suggested as a laundry pre-wash treatment and I have used it often for that since then.

Until next long for now.

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squawmama said...

This was great information.. I have used several cleaners that condition and it has worked ok but my friend uses the Ivory Liquid and swears on it... I am glad to hear about dawn because that is what I use on dishes... SO I will give that a try...And the armarol to condition... can't beat that. Thanks!!!

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